As a person who needs more attention than most to be remotely satisfied, I know the struggles and occasional benefits that come with the longing for recognition. We are misunderstood beings who crave connection and compassion. While the desire to gain attention from others typically comes along with a negative connotation, we are not bad people. The fact of the matter is that it is very normal to want some level of attention from other people - we just like a little bit extra. Here are some things that we attention-lovers share.

1. Being ignored is THE WORST.

Don't you dare read that message without responding!

2. You expect a lot from your romantic partners.

But you give A LOT, too!

3. Random compliments can make your whole week.

If it's in a text message you are likely to screenshot it just to look at it in a month and swoon all over again.

4. It even surprises you when you want some alone time.

Time for a nice long shower, a face mask, and some journaling? I think yes.

5. You get overly excited when someone asks you to hang out/invites you to something.

YES I WOULD LIKE TO HANG OU- I mean, yeah sure, whatever. That'd be cool.

6. If someone takes a long time to text/message back, you assume the worst.

It's been four hours.. Did I say something wrong? Are they dead?!?

7. You absolutely love to make people laugh.

It's simply music to your ears!

8. Having someone's full attention makes you pretty much happier than anything else.

You may not be constantly demanding it, but when you get it you are one happy camper!

While we may not always be out there trying to make people feel sorry for us or making a scene, some of us still do yearn for a little extra notice. You may not always see us, but we're here, in the background going about our business (and maybe anxiously checking our phones to see if that special person will reply). Just know that not all of those who want a little extra attention are the ones making a scene to get it. Oh, and let me just make it clear that there is really nothing wrong with that. As long as we're not hurting anyone, there is nothing wrong with wanting some attention.

That being said, if you simply try to make people feel special when you can, attention-hog or not, I'm sure it will brighten their day.