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    Hello, I'm Cira ("see-ruh" - just in case you were curious about the pronunciation). I study the human mind and behavior at the University of Nevada, Reno. I usually stay up far too late, but on the bright side this is also when some of my best thoughts and ideas come to me. I like the great outdoors. I climb, I write, and I even sing on occasion. I wish I was at a nice warm beach, but I enjoy the mountains as well. I am extremely awkward and drop or lose on average 1.257 things per day. I am a great listener who just wants to help others and make them happy, even if I cannot always do that for myself. I am thankful for the little things; the soft glow of Christmas lights and the sparkle dancing in a person's eyes. I'm ready to break stigmas against mental illness and I truly believe that we should never give up the fight.

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