It's not like you thought college was going to be easy, but you didn't expect to change this much from it. Change used to scare the crap out of you, but now you realize that change can be a good (and eye-opening thing). Especially when it comes to these 8 things that you never realized about yourself/your life until you went to college.

1. That your parents do a lot more for you than you realized

I'm sorry I never realized how hard cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry was earlier Mom and Dad.

2. How much you love your siblings

When I'm at home I want to strangle you, but at school, I think I actually love you

3. What freedom really is

In high school, you thought freedom was your Mom extending your curfew by an hour, but in college you realize freedom is having the full choice of how to spend your time and who to spend it with

4. How much you hate homework

Homework has a whole new definition in college, and if you thought high school was bad then you're in for a treat once you come to college. It takes 4 times longer than high school homework, and is 80000 times more exhausting.

5. How little $100 actually is

I used to think $100 was an insane amount of money that would last forever... I now realize that it could easily be spent within a 2-hour time frame of regret and bad decisions.

6. How scary becoming an adult is

I thought that all this freedom would be great, but I kind of feel like I'm drowning and could probably sleep for 6 days straight

7. How important it is to have real friends

Your high school friends were awesome and all, but college friends are on a whole new level of friendship. You are literally living with them and around them 24/7, so making sure they're going to be there for you during your highest and lowest moments is so important

8. How much potential you have

No matter what you become involved in you end up finding your place in college, and it shows you how big the world is. You start achieving things you never thought you would and suddenly your future is a lot more foggy, but you're okay with it.