8 Things To Do When You Come Home From College

The moment you move away to college, coming back home is something you thought you'd dread. But, once you've been at school, having to do everything for yourself for several months, you'd be surprised how much you appreciate your own bed and a home-cooked meal.

Here are the top eight things I do when I get home from school:

1. Take a bath.


There's nothing better than a good bubble bath in a clean bathtub. Baths at college are non-existent so it's always the number one thing I look forward to when I get home from school.

2. Walk around your house barefoot.

Let's face it, our college dorms and apartments can get pretty dirty. Without parents telling us to clean up after ourselves and especially after a week of studying and a weekend of bar hopping, we don't usually consider cleaning a number one priority. The floors in our dorms and apartments can get extremely dirty and walking around without shoes or slippers is a big no-no. There's nothing better than coming home to a clean house where you can walk freely without socks or shoes.

3. Hibernate in your childhood bed.


No bed will ever beat your childhood bed which has probably been all prepared for your arrival with clean sheets, pillowcases and your favorite blanket.

4. Scour the house for laundry quarters.


Times are hard as a college student, I've literally pulled up couch cushions looking for quarters to use in my laundry machine at school. Being home is the time to beg for spare change from your family and search every single corner and crevice in the house for loose coins.

5. Steal everything from spatulas to toilet paper.


It's always nice coming home to a house that is fully stocked with everything you could ever need or want and parents that can't get angry at you because you're a poor college student with a need for necessities such as dryer sheets and snacks. I usually run around with a bag and take random household items that I know might come in handy at my college apartment.

6. Eat everything but the kitchen sink.


My mom is the best because she buys all of my favorite food when she knows I'm coming home. By the end of the weekend if it's not all gone it's going back to school with me, and then some.

7. Let your parents wait on you hand and foot.


"Can you bring me a glass of milk please? Oh and that plate of cookies?" Let's face it, our moms will do anything for us, no matter how old we are or how far away we go to school.

8. Do absolutely nothing.


The best thing you can do to relax on a weekend home from college is absolutely nothing. We all need to do it from time to time.

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