Ah, man! You're finally free from the leash of your parents and have set out into the world to discover it for yourself.

However, as you are leaving your mark in the world and making it your own, you will realize that things aren't the same anymore, especially without your parents or whoever took care of you.

As you are going through the emotions, you have discovered that life wasn't all that you thought it would be.

Life just wasn't all that it cracked out to be.

And you wonder why the life you had as a child isn't the same life you have now.

You are finally discovering you aren't a child or an adolescent anymore. You have discovered in some shape or form that you have become a grown up, fast or slowly. Perhaps it happened to you at 9, 15, or maybe it happened when you turned 18, into adulthood. Whenever it was for you, you've gathered that you are being a grown up, or you're "adulting,"

"Adulting" is when you do grown up things and hold responsibilities that gowns ups particularly do.

Here are 8 things when you find yourself "Adulting."

1. A 9am - 5pm Job

Working a full-time job. You're working 8 hours every day, getting 40 hours a week.

2. Bills, Bills, and More Bills.

Remember when you would work and save your money for the weekends to hang out with your friends, so you guys could go to the mall or the movies? Well now once you get your paycheck it has to go straight to phone bills, your rent, your car, etc. Having money becomes a necessity to your everyday living.

3. Getting Healthcare

Wait, I can't be on my mom's health insurance after 25? Now I have to get my own? ObamaCare here I come.

4. Getting Your Oil Changed and Car Inspected

I actually have to go to a car place and get my car inspected and an oil change and then I have to pay for it by myself? I'm so "adulting."

5. Having Your Own Place

You finally have your own place without your parents, but now you have all these responsibilities to take on when having your own place.

6. Doing Taxes

Remembering that you actually have to contribute to society in the worse way.

7. Cooking a Meal

Even though you still like Ramen, you now cook Ramen into a meal by mixing greens with it.

8. Cleaning

Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the microwave, the stove, the oven, the floor, the litter box, etc...