8 Things I Should Have Learned In High School

Although I did end up learning a lot of things in high school, such as the quadratic formula and how to diagram a sentence, I find myself frustrated with the things that I should have learned and didn't. Yes, we need to have math and reading skills for college and the working world but what about legitimate life skills? Below are eight of the things that I find to be the most profound things that I wish I would have been taught in high school.

1. First and foremost, how to file my taxes.

2. How to appropriately dress for a job interview.

3. How to make and stick to a budget.

4. How to be organized.

5. How to cope with a mental breakdown after you find yourself drowning in all of your responsibilities.

6. How to fill out the FAFSA correctly so you're not still trying to figure it out months after it was due.

7. That you should hang out with more than one person so you can have some kind of a fulfilling social life.

8. That it's okay to fail sometimes and your grades don't define you.

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