8 Things People In Miami Do That Others Would Think Are Weird

I was born and raised in Miami and I had not lived anywhere else until I got into UCF. When I moved to Orlando, it was a major culture shock. I didn't realize that even though I am in the same state, it was a completely different world. I had to say goodbye to many old habits and change the way I said things and greeted people just to make life easier. Here are 8 things that most people in Miami do that people who not from Miami would think are weird:

1. Speak Spanglish.

People from Miami often switch between Spanish and English without any warning. This causes the use of sentences with a mix of Spanish and English words that often put more emphasis on the topics.

2. Everything is later.

Seriously, Miami is awake much later than many other places in the world. Miami restaurants usually close after 11 p.m. the earliest. Also, the time to eat is also later – most people eat dinner around 8 p.m., even though I personally still prefer to eat around 6 p.m. Also, the clubs and bars are open until 4 a.m., where most places close by 2 a.m.

3. Hispanic bakeries.

Starbucks may be the trend where you are from but Hispanic bakeries are at every corner in Miami. Next time you visit, make sure you go and get some delicious croquetas. You may want to plan ahead because in the morning, before school and work, it is usually really busy, so make sure you get there with enough time.

4. Kissing hello and goodbye.

The proper way to greet someone from Miami is to kiss cheek to cheek. It does not matter if you have known the person forever or if you have never seen them before. Especially when you arrive at a family gathering with your entire family, make sure you give everyone a kiss or you will be considered rude.

5. Running "Cuban Time."

Since everything runs later so does the time you are supposed to get to places. When someone tells you to arrive at 6, they really mean to arrive at 7. This is a known thing and since everyone follows it, it usually works out.

6. Eating delicious foods you have never heard of.

Miami has so many different types of food that you cannot find anywhere else. Even the way Miamians eat food can be different. My favorite is bananas with Cuban steak.

7. The way words are said or pronounced.

Now, this may go with the Spanglish thing but not entirely. People from Miami say crepe and pronounce is like "crepe." The same way that it is spelled. People not from Miami pronounce it like "crape," which sounds very odd to me. Also, hair-ties are called "Liga." This is one habit I have not been able to get out off and usually I am asked "what?" a few times until I say hair tie.

8. Cuban cousins.

It is not what you are thinking – it is not your cousin that is Cuban. It is your family friends that you have grown up with and have known forever. You might even see them more than your actual blood-related cousin. Everyone in Miami knows what a Cuban cousin is and they just roll with it.

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