8 Things I learned Being The Daughter Of A Working Class Immigrant.
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8 Things I learned Being The Daughter Of A Working Class Immigrant.

He taught me much more than I learned being an American.

8 Things I learned Being The Daughter Of A Working Class Immigrant.
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My Father has no fancy degree or education above the 8th grade. He came to this country and instead of going out and doing what would be best for him, he did what made the most money at the time to support his three sisters, five brothers and my mom back in India. On top of that, he also paid to bring them all here once they've been accepted. He worked his entire life for his family who at this moment is no longer by his side.

I learned many life lessons from him that as a child growing up I did not want to accept, believe, or understand. Until now. I also learned a lot of politics and science related topics from him...which I of course never believed. I guess you could say being an "American" got to my head or perhaps I just didn't believe him because how could someone like my father know anything about any of those topics?

1. He said "Don't trust people, You never know their agenda or intentions. It isn't the same as yours."

As a kid and being isolated enough as I was, I always loved making friends. My father, always told me to be careful, don't trust, people will hurt you and not care. Now, I didn't want to believe that. I believed if you showed someone kindness and gratitude, they'd reciprocate.

I was wrong.

Being a Psychology major and learning about all types of human behaviors and why people do certain things. I learned that being the honest, kind, grateful person I am. People take it for weakness, or should I say they take advantage. It's true. Sometimes people befriend you for the wrong reasons but self-justify their own thoughts and behaviors so they don't have to view themselves in that negative light that they're using someone. Sometimes you have to get people do something for you, so that you may thank them greatly/kindly/genuinely. That itself is an internal reward the person gets by getting the good feeling of gratitude for doing a favor. That's the trick. I guess you could say I was a fool and a pushover for years. I wish random acts of kindness could actually be a thing.

2. Politics is all a big GAME for Profit.

The reason why I have a horrible sleeping problem. For years even as a child. I would stay up all night with my dad, watching the News, and we debated. We debated about almost every political topic you could think of. He told me when 9/11 happened that it was an inside job the second he saw the attacks on T.V (Some may still say it wasn't but hear me out).

He knew that it was a plan to go to the Middle East to get Oil. Kind of like how the Swiss economy is so well and rich due to 'taking' the African resources. (More Information on Swiss and Africa-http://www.themindfulword.org/2013/stealing-africa... )

Here are videos and information on the topic of 9/11 and war the Middle east:

The false flag strategy (attacking your own people and blaming it on someone else) has been used numerous times throughout history to justify war and the murder of innocent people. [14] In this report, we will provide compelling evidence that the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 were a false flag operation. Please take time to review the evidence carefully. It is of the utmost importance that you do so, not only for yourself, but for your family, friends, and future generations.

Within weeks after 9/11 and after bombing had begun in Afghanistan, plans to “take over” seven countries in five years (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran) were shown to 4-Star General Wesley Clark. Watch Clark describe how he got this information in the video below:


"George W Bush used the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie to invade Iraq in 2003. (We will provide substantial evidence in the motive section below to show that the invasion of Iraq was the top priority of George W Bush from day one of his administration.) Until recently, none of the other countries mentioned by Wesley Clark have been attacked. However, Libya has been bombed in recent months (based upon lies that were used to justify the bombing). And, just last week, there was a call for NATO intervention in Syria."

SOURCE: http://www.globalresearch.ca/all-you-need-to-know-...

Now, this wasn't all that I learned from him. He told me about how the Democrats and the Republicans worked their angles and certain corporations, laws, etc. did what they did and why (usually for money). We do live in a capitalism.

3. Don't be a follower, be a "cha-louk."

Cha-louk basically means a sneaky intelligent (with good intentions). He told me to surround myself with successful people, people who are wise or smart. To befriend those who would positively influence me and where I can indirectly learn from them and vice versa. To be smooth with my words and how I can influence someone else. With good intentions for not only myself but for the other person as well. Win-win.

He told me to not be a follower as in do not pay attention to what the majority of the population does. Anything popular isn't always a good thing. Growing up, it was advice I should have learned from without making the mistake in the first place. However, sometimes we have to experience something in order to really understand it.

4. Business

My dad owned a Fried Chicken Business in Brooklyn, NY since he migrated to this country. Between the ages of 10-13, he occasionally would take me with him to work on the weekends. He taught me how business works, with sales, equity, income, profits, re-distributing, buying, and even bargaining. I don't know much to help anyone in a business class. But I do know enough to spark my motivation to go into business (but that's for a later time in life when I have money to actually invest).

5. Do what you love

He never told me this directly. Hearing him tell me stories about how passionate he was about school and learning. How in his country he became a Tailor to make money to support the family while. He told me how good he was at being a tailor and how he always made more than the other employees. He told me his life story a lot, he told me about his father and his entire life. It made me sad a lot and depressed to see someone I love have his eyes go from deep to empty whenever he talked about how much potential he had that is now lost.

6. "Do not waste time, your time now is gold."

Of course as children and as Teenagers our favorite thing to do is to waste time. Waste time doing something that's "fun" to us rather than studying or doing homework or elaborating what we have learned. My father stressed me not wasting time doing pointless things like video games and such (In his opinion it was pointless). He always told me that I have to focus on my education now before time flies and next thing I know I'm a nobody or I'm behind on my future.

7. God is always on the side of those who are righteous and honest

He always told me to do the right thing, the honest thing. Growing up Muslim yet nonreligious. He always upheld and kept the values and culture of Islam in my mind and heart. Although I must admit, living in an American culture it is difficult to find friends with the same morals, values, and guidelines.

8. Food can change your genetics

It was crazy to hear growing up if I ate more cucumbers and Yogurt, my skin will stay fair and light. It was crazy to me to hear growing up if I ate processed foods or certain oils it would change my DNA. Now being in college and learning about health, foods, chemistry, and our genetics. They were right. Sorry, Dad AND Mom!

I mean it's kind of like how Heart Disease is a genetics thing. If it runs in your family (A-hem, mine) Yet if you live a healthy lifestyle, not only will you reduce your own risk but reduce your children's risk.

For someone who has lived a harsh life, who has barely any education. Whom I wish made better choices in his life. I'm glad to say for someone who has no credentials under US standards, he has taught me a lot more than anything else I have learned from my own experiences being an American.

Thank You for your lessons Dad (Mom too).


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