1. Almost everyone on campus goes out to celebrate Halloween

As Marine from Halloweentown said it, Halloween is cool and one of the biggest times to go out and have fun with your friends in fun costumes. Virtually everyone goes out in some sort of costume to enjoy what the night(s) have in store.

2. People go out for an entire weekend of Halloween

As this is Halloweekend, I know people that have been going out and have planned on going out every night from Thursday to Sunday... how they do this, I do not know but I'm sure some people will be going back to their dorms with their friends and roommates like this:

3. People have separate outfits for each night they go out on Halloween

I cannot imagine having to plan out 3 or more costumes to wear out as a costume. I was having trouble planning the one costume I had planned.

4. You will see 50 girls wearing the exact same costume

We all saw the countless cat, mouse, Risky Business, and alien costumes that we knew we couldn't ignore.

5. You will see people wearing their regular everyday clothes and that passes as a costume.

Ever heard of "A nudist protesting?" costume? Neither had I until Halloween at college.

6. You will see some of the most ridiculous costumes

Let's just say I saw an inflatable M&M and penis this weekend...

7. You will see some of the best costumes that defines your year

Lots of Harambe, Stranger Things, Pepe, Trump, Clinton, The Joker, and Harley Quinn costumes roaming around college campuses.

8. Halloween is an extravagant costume party that is fun to celebrate

What more needs to be said? Everyone enjoy Halloween night!