8 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Transfers

People come and go, but sometimes you are effected differently depending on the person. Whether your best friend transferred your freshman year or sophomore year of college, it never gets easier. You go from spending hours on end with this person, to only seeing them through a screen. Here are eight thing that happen when your best friend transfers:

1. FaceTime calls are never ending.

It could either be 1:00 am, during class, or while you're taking your afternoon nap. The FaceTime calls don't stop. Most of the time you spend hours talking about absolutely nothing.

2. Nights out aren't the same.

They were your go-to person when you wanted to have the best night of your life. There was never a dull moment or a funny story that didn't accumulate from the shenanigans, or a night where you didn't sleep over at each others places.

3. You bring up stories from last year too often.

Face it, they are some of the best stories.

4. You talk about them all the time because things constantly remind you of them.

Whether you see a boy they used to be obsessed with, telling a story that they were part of, or walk passed their old dorm room or building, you are constantly being reminded of them.

5. You wish that they could literally be a text or phone call away.

It was so easy to call your friend up because you were bored and ask to go get something to eat or just lay in bed and listen to music. Now, miles and miles away it isn't quite that simple.

6. You're constantly asking them to come back and visit

You want them to come see you and all of your friends because everyone misses them.

7. They want know EVERYTHING.

Your friend knows just about everyone and everything that you are involved in at school. They want to know the latest scoop, who's dating who, and all of the above.

8. You just really miss them.

Things just aren't the same on campus without them but you know you will be reunited sooner than later.

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