I've never considered myself the best cook. As the oldest sibling, I was expected to be at least a little ahead of the game when it came to making dinner for my sisters; unfortunately, I still struggle to perfect Kraft Mac n' Cheese. Please enjoy some of the many other struggles us bad chefs endure on the daily basis.

  1. Keeping our fingers crossed for a fresh pack of Ramen to be somewhere in the pantry. Or, better yet, a frozen pizza. Jackpot.

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  1. Every ounce of our paycheck goes towards saving up for the next meal out, whether it be fast food or a fancy Italian dinner. The 2 for 5 at McDonalds never tasted so good.
  1. When asked to bring a food item to a party, our contribution depends on the selection at Stop and Shop (which will most likely leave us with a bag of chips or a pre-made veggie platter).
  1. If worst comes to worst and we have to fend for ourselves, we often resort to a PB&J or a hearty bowl of Frosted Flakes. Let's just pray we don't mess that up.

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  1. And God forbid we're asked to help in the kitchen and everything is foreign and we just know that something is about to go horribly awry.

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  1. When we really try our gosh darn best to make a nice meal and people complain that it's not up to par… did I say it was gonna be good?? I didn't think so.

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  1. And maybe, just maybe, the day comes when we don't burn anything, nor is anything undercooked, and we can be at ease knowing the thing we just made is edible and doesn't taste completely awful!

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  1. Alas, that day has yet to come. For now, let's be grateful for pizza bagels and microwaveable chicken tenders.

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