It’s pretty safe to say that not many people enjoy flying. But for those who have anxiety, like myself, flying may very well be the absolute worst thing we could ever put ourselves through. But hey, we’ll make up for it by getting some rest and relaxation on vacation once it’s all over!

Here are the top eight things that make anxious people worry even more while traveling:

1. Packing

Anxious people tend to over pack, because we always want to be prepared for the worst. I can easily reach that 50 pound suitcase weight limit and still have half of my clothes to pack.

2. Flight delays

Everyone hates flight delays, but no one hates them more than anxious people. For me, flight delays oftentimes, means missing an important connection, which adds even more stress to my day.

3. People with huge carry-on bags

Real talk, these people are actually the worst. There’s always that one guy trying to jam his huge carry-on in the overhead compartment. I am always so close to screaming “JUST STOP TRYING AND SIT DOWN,” but that’s not socially acceptable. Needless to say, anxious people are extremely impatient.

4. Seat mates that are talkative

When I am flying alone, I always get the window seat and immediately plug in my headphones to signal to everyone around me that I do not want to be social. It’s the absolute WORST when you have someone next to you that keeps trying to engage in conversation when you’re tired, hungry, and literally want to be anywhere else except on an airplane for the next 4 plus hours. Let me watch Disney movies in peace, please.

5. Airplane bathrooms

I was never claustrophobic until I first used one of these when I was five. And why is the flush so loud? This is another reason why I choose a window seat- because I will never ever use the bathroom on an airplane again.

6. Turbulence

This is probably one of the worst things for anxious people because we literally are assuming we’re about to die. Even if the pilot makes that typical “we’re just experiencing a little turbulence, folks, no need to worry” speech, anxious people believe that he’s trying to keep us calm before we all begin plummeting to our death.

7. Customs

I’ve only been through customs once, but I must say I was terrified. Of course, I had nothing to hide, but I felt like I was about to be carried away any second by security guards for not saying the right thing. See, this is bad because being anxious makes you look suspicious, which I was aware of, but then trying not to be anxious made me more anxious.

8. Waiting for your bag at the baggage claim

This is torture for me. My mind races, and I start to have a major freak out. The typical thoughts that run through my head are: Did my bag make it? I have that super cute sweater in there, what am I going to do if I never get that back? They got their bag, where is mine? But, once my bag is finally in my arms again, I can finally rejoice! I have once again made it through the airport, and I lived to tell the tale!