Running in the morning is one of those things that's great in theory. You already have your workout done by the time you go to class or work, giving you the rest of the day to focus on other tasks. But like most things, running in the early am is much easier said than done.

1. Waking up:

Is that my alarm? Let me run through my schedule today and see if I can exercise later.

Oh, nope.

2. Getting out of bed:

*trips over something because it's pitch black*

3. Getting dressed:

What do I wear? Why didn’t I leave clothes out the night before?

4. Walking out the door:

It’s too hot/cold. I don’t want to be up right now. Why did I think this was a good idea?

5. Starting the run:

Wow, I feel so great that I could go like 10 miles this morning!

5. Half a mile in:

I probably should have planned this route out a little better since I have no idea where I'm going.

6. Mile two:

I’m so tired already, can I just stop now?

7. The daily battle with cars and other motor vehicles:

Apparently, pedestrians having the right of way is so 2010

8: Second to last mile:

I can do this. I’m so close.

9. Last tenth of a mile:


10. Realizing that you still have to walk 2 miles to get back to your house...

I'm never going to make it. Can somebody carry me?

11. Finally home:

I feel so great! I can’t wait to do this again tomorrow.

Clearly running is as emotionally exhausting as it is physically exhausting.