8 Simple Ways To Make Your Campus Custodial Staff Happy
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Student Life

8 Simple Ways To Make Your Campus Custodial Staff Happy

It really isn't hard.

8 Simple Ways To Make Your Campus Custodial Staff Happy
Nathaniel Davis

At this point, I have been working as a custodian at my college for just over a year. I’m by no means a seasoned veteran, but I’ve been around long enough to develop some pet peeves. I’m sure you’re all glad to have a bit less cleanup because of the work custodians do, and we’re glad to have a bit less less cleanup when you guys take basic responsibility. So, without further ado, here are some VERY basic things you can do to help out your custodial staff:

1. Actually throw your trash in the trash can.

When you finish your sandwich/coffee/granola bar/snack item, please throw the wrapper/container into the trash can so that we don’t have to do it for you. The trash can is usually situated near the door. You will probably walk right past it on your way out of the room. Take like two seconds and physically place your trash into the trash can.

2. Learn how to recycle.

It isn’t hard. Paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, and metal can be recycled. Candy wrappers, orange peels, sandwiches, and pencils cannot be recycled. Compost is not the same as recycling. Academic buildings are not equipped to compost, so you’ll have to throw that in the trash. When you put non-recyclable items in the recycling bin, we custodians have to sort out what can/cannot be recycled, and some nights we’ve got a ton on our plates and we’re just not having it, so we throw everything away.

3. Let people know when you vomit.

No, we don’t like receiving emergency vomit clean-up calls. However, we like those calls a lot better than finding your vomit later, be it in a trash can or on the floor. We admire the effort you make when you try to clean it up yourself. However, you are not trained in biohazard removal. We are. Kindly let us know so that your illness does not spread to others.

4. Clip your fingernails into a trash can in the privacy of your own.

When you bite your fingers in class, we have to clean it up. I’ve found both hands’ worth of fingernails under desks. They get stuck in the rug and take forever to vacuum up. No one has this problem if you clip your fingernails into a trash can.

5. If it isn’t a dry-erase marker, don’t use it to write on the whiteboard.

It takes a lot of time to clean up and some of the chemicals that we have to use aren’t whiteboard friendly. When we have to use those chemicals, your whiteboard can get hurt, which makes you sad.

6. Try to avoid walking through grass, mud, and the like on your way to class.

The dirt and vegetation get stuck to your shoes, you track them into the building. Yeah, there are mats outside the doors that you can, you know, wipe your feet on, but you’re in a rush and probably didn’t think to do that. Whatever method of muck reduction you opt for, we appreciate it very much.

7. Flush the damn toilet.

Whether we find it or some other bathroom user finds it, no one wanted to find it. Flush. Please. Thank you.

8. Say “Hi” to us when you see us around!

I know you’re busy, I know you’re tired, I know you’re in a rush, but a quick “What’s up?” or other little acknowledgement means the world to us. We’re busy, too, but we’re happy to put the broom aside for a moment to chat with you. It doesn’t have to be long, but even a brief chat can brighten our day.

We like you guys, and we hope you like us. Please do us a favor, make some small changes, and we’ll love you all the more.

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