8 Reasons Why We're In Love With Chuck Bass

Chuck Bass is Gossip Girl's infamous player, who was finally tied down by the one and only Blair Waldorf. Viewers of the dramatic television series are no stranger to Chuck's slight substance abuse problem and lack of respect for women, but even while being fully aware of his sketchy decisions and questionable morals, what is it about Chuck Bass that makes us swoon?

1. He's charming.

His alluring voice and piercing gaze draw you in right away. Being the master player that he is, Chuck has perfected the art of seducing his victims. These girls know he's bad, but they can't resist. And neither can you, because you're also under his unbreakable spell. You know your heart flutters a bit whenever he says the famous line:

2. Two words: bad boy.

Oh, Chuck is emotionally unavailable, unpredictable, and absolutely incapable of settling down with just one girl? Sign me up. Girls love a challenge and a chase just as much as anyone else. Who doesn't want to be the woman that ties down the always unattainable heartbreaker? It's a title worthy of a trophy. Bravo, Blair.

3. He exudes confidence.

Ambition is attractive. He knows what he wants and doesn't stop pursuing until he gets it. Being heir to his father's hotel, Chuck is a determined entrepreneur. One of the reasons why he is so motivated to succeed as a businessman is to finally gain his father's approval. While going about the hotel business, Chuck holds himself to the highest possible standard and never fails to dress for the occasion.

4. He's sassy.

Personality is always a plus. Can you flirtatiously sass back?

5. He's athletic?

Even though Chuck's outfit of choice to shoot some hoops with his buddies is slightly questionable, we'll let it slide. I mean, he's Chuck Bass. Keep doin' you, babe.

6. Chuck proves that guys get their feelings hurt, too.

Despite what they want us to believe, boys are actually pretty soft.

7. He's handsome.

No elaboration needed.

8. He's in touch with his feelings.

Chuck opted for the player persona as a way of dealing with his extensive mommy and daddy issues. Upon falling head over heels for Blair, he started to show his kind and caring side, rather than his usually hard, angry exterior. Even with all those side chicks, he found that one special girl who was worth settling down with. From this moment on, all female viewers were hooked.

Overall, Chuck turned out to be the boyfriend we have all been dreaming about, delivering a relationship complete with pale pink peonies, macaroons directly imported from France, and private planes to Monte Carlo (sigh). Blair is the lucky one that married this man, and they will forever be known to us millennials as the power couple of our generation. Actual goals.

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