8 Reasons Why I Love My Roommate

I heard countless horror stories about roommates before I went to college. Some stories I heard concerned roommates that partied constantly. Some included a roommate that had a boyfriend that would overstay their welcome almost nightly. Some stories were simply about roommates who were incompatible and would bicker over every little thing. Because of these stories, I was nervous when choosing mine. Thankfully, my fears about living with someone were not confirmed. I am so lucky that my roommate is amazing and that we haven't had any major squabbles. In fact, I have really begun to miss her over Christmas break. There are lots of reasons my roommate has made my freshman year amazing.

1. We watch Food Network together.

Whether it is "Chopped," "Cupcake Wars," or "Worst Cooks in America," my roommate and I constantly have Food Network on in the background. I could not imagine doing homework any other way.

2. We have the same taste in music.

We enjoy our jam sessions with Disney music or "Hamilton," especially when we are cleaning. It makes the time go by way faster, and it is always fun singing the songs together.

3. She helps me with math.

My roommate is a Physics and Applied Math major who is in the dual degree engineering program with Notre Dame. I am a Spanish major and Secondary Education minor. Math is not my strong point. Last semester I took Calculus 1, and I thank my roommate for putting up with my endless questions about limits and derivatives. I give her some of the credit for my A.

4. We both enjoy learning the Spanish language.

Spanish has always been a passion of mine. I studied so much Spanish in high school that I was able to skip Introductory and Intermediate Spanish at Saint Mary's and go right to Advanced Grammar and Composition. I was deathly afraid that I would be the only Freshman in the class. Thankfully, my roommate was also in the class and we helped each other out all of the time. My roommate is thinking about minoring or even majoring in Spanish. Again, I give her some of the credit for my A in the class.

5. We went to a Hoodie Allen concert together.

I'm not really into rap, but I love Hoodie Allen. My roommate, a couple of my friends, and I went to go see him at Notre Dame in November and I can honestly say it was one of the best nights of my life. It's a bonding experience between my roommate and I that I will never forget.

6. She constantly lets me have my friends over in our room and never complains.

Most of my friends live in singles, while I live in a double. This means my room is a lot bigger than their's, and therefore, it has become the daily hangout of my friend group. I will admit that my friends and I can be loud. Sometimes, this is done at times that are inconvenient for my roommate, like when she is sleeping. However, my roommate never complains. Sometimes, my friends even crash in my room (after I ask my roommate of course), and again she never complains.

7. We grew up around the same area.

My roommate and I are both from the suburbs of Chicago. It's cool to be able to have someone to talk to about my hometown and the places that surround it.

8. She supports me no matter what.

I don't know how I would finish my homework, write papers, study for tests, or get through friend and family drama without her.


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