8 Reasons Why Being Close With Your Mom Is Rad.

8 Reasons Why Being Close With Your Mom Is Rad.

"I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom". - Mean Girls

Taylor Hamparian

1. She always has her phone on for when you need her, so when you are out late she won't fall asleep until she sees that you are home and safe. For example, when I come home from a long night at my night job, she won't go to sleep until I walk in the door.

2. She is your first role model and someone you aspire to be, which you should be grateful for.

3. When you have good news, when it's a new job opportunity or when you got into your dream school, she is the first person to know and your #1 fan, or when you are an athlete she will be sitting in front in the bleachers with a sign in her hand!

4. When you get yourself in a sticky situation (no worries everyone does) your mom will be right there with you by your side to help you through it.

5. She is always liking your Facebook post so you are all set in the likes department. She will also post throwback pictures, and write appreciation statuses about you!

6. Home cooked meals, the recipes she will share with you, and the warm smell in your house you will smell when you come home when you know she is making your favorite meal. Mama H makes the best pulled pork ever and I always smell it when she makes it, its the best.

7. You NEVER have to worry about turning into her because you want to.

8 Lastly, you feel bad for everyone else because they don't have your mom.

Your relationship with your mother is a wonderful thing to cherish. After losing my father, I gained such a appreciation for how strong my mother is inside and out. Remember every moment with your mother because you never know what could happen.

Thank you to all the kick-ass moms out there! XOX


Your proud child.

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