8 Reasons Why 'Riverdale' Should Be In Your Up-Next Queue
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8 Reasons Why 'Riverdale' Should Be In Your Up-Next Queue

Catch the latest Netflix craze, you can thank me later.

8 Reasons Why 'Riverdale' Should Be In Your Up-Next Queue
The CW

If you aren't already watching "Riverdale," you've probably heard plenty of buzz about the latest CW hit show "Riverdale." Just in case your friend's recommendations and the Twitter craze isn't enough to persuade you to join the fan club, I'm going to provide you with ten reasons you need to plan for a Netflix binge-session this Friday night instead of going clubbing — it will be worth it, I promise.

1. The teenage-centered show will bring you back to your high school days.

The team is constantly experiencing everyday struggles of what we all went through in high school. You survived it, now you need to go back and relive it. Enjoy the nostalgia that the locker-lined halls and school bells that frequent the set. And if anything, the intense situations that the teens in the show are going through will reassure you: your high school career could have been worse. Much, much, MUCH worse.

2. Betty and Veronica always have envy-worthy wardrobes.

For the style-inspired girls like me out there, you can get all the motivation you need to go out on a shopping spree or search your closet to create your own version of Betty's vintage, preppy wardrobe or Veronica's sleek urban tastes.

3. You are guaranteed to fall in love with the characters.

Betty, Jughead, Veronica, Archie, and (most) of their respective parents will have you gripping the edge of your sofa with concern and frustration with every decision they make.

4. You are also guaranteed to absolutely LOATHE the characters.

Cheryl will remind you of that one girl in high school that cast a dark shadow across the room every time she enters, even if she isn't doling out one of her famous judgemental smirks.

5. Cole Sprouse.

If you don't already follow Cole Sprouse on Twitter, do it NOW. And if you don't have a Twitter, make one NOW solely for the fact that you NEED to be following Cole Sprouse. No matter how much you try to put on a cool face and laugh about how cringeworthy Disney Channel was (and still is), we all know you secretly had a crush on one of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody twins. Cole Sprouse, now grown up and extremely attractive, creates the character Jughead. He's so darn lovable, no matter how much he will drive you crazy with frustration.

6. In case you haven't noticed yet, the characters are based on the Archie comics.

Every character in the story is a spin-off of the original Archie comics characters. Though I personally did not read the Archie comics growing up, this should be a major deciding factor for those that did grow up on comics.

7. Mystery lovers will be forming conspiracies during the whole ride through the show.

If you're anything like me, this is the most fun part of any mystery. And, consequently to the unpredictable and ever-changing nature of the show, you will be constantly thrown off of your assumptions.

8. You'll appreciate your parents more.

You probably grew up constantly wondering if you're parents are actually that crazy. When you meet these parents, you'll realize you were wrong the whole time. Hug them and thank them now. In fact, invite them to sit next to you on the sofa and go through the motions of the show with you. They'll probably realize you weren't actually as much of a handful as they thought either.

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