8 Reasons Why 'Gossip Girl' Is One Of The Best Shows To Ever Exist
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8 Reasons Why 'Gossip Girl' Is One Of The Best Shows To Ever Exist

If you have made it through the whole series, you know this to be true.

8 Reasons Why 'Gossip Girl' Is One Of The Best Shows To Ever Exist

"Gossip Girl" is a teen drama series that was ultra popular back in the early 2000s and still has new viewers every day thanks to Netflix. If you are a fan then you know that there are so many things that make "Gossip Girl" the amazing series that it is and if you are not a fan yet, check out this list of just a few of aspects that make it so great!

1. The Characters

The characters on "Gossip Girl" aren’t perfect in the slightest but everybody still has a favorite. Whether you prefer Blair to Serena or Chuck to Dan, they all have so many layers that make them interesting.

2. The Drama

Need I say more? There is always drama happening between characters, both the main and the new that mixes up each episode!

3. The Freshness

Going along with the never ending drama and scandals there is also always something new and exciting happening in the show that keeps you dying to know what will happen next!

4. The Big Secret

Throughout the entire series all of the characters have no idea who Gossip Girl is and neither do you, the viewer, until the final episode.

5. The Plethora of Episodes

Don’t you hate when a TV show just doesn’t have enough seasons or episodes? Well, this show has six long seasons that are perfect for binge watching.

6. The Music

No cheesy instrumental stuff here. All the background tunes used are actually catchy and sound like something the characters would actually listen to. Plus, you can also learn some new songs while you watch!

7. The Glamour

Living the life of a New York City socialite does look awfully glam if I do say so myself. The limos, fashion shows, parties, and the list goes on. "Gossip Girl" gives us normal people something to dream of.

8. The Love

While "Gossip Girl" isn’t necessarily a romantic show, the main characters always have some kind of juicy love connections. This adds to the drama at times, but it can also melt your heart in a second!

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