8 Reasons Elaine Benes Is Like Us All
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8 Reasons Elaine Benes Is Like Us All

"I'm speechless; I am without speech."

8 Reasons Elaine Benes Is Like Us All

Lately, I've taken a change in my television series watching and veered away from my go-to Netflix app. I, do I dare say it, watched the actual scheduled programming on TV. I know, I know... so old fashioned right! All joking aside, I've been watching one of my favorite television series of all time, Seinfeld. I, like millions of others, am drawn to the shows because of its infectous humor and relatable characters. The character that I believe most women can relate to at point or another is Elaine Benes. Her sarcastic, realist attitude is something you can't dislike. Also, her intelligence and hard-working ethic is often pointed out in the show. Here are eight times we could all relate to Elaine.

1. Her complete honesty in any situation.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F09%2F15%2F636095691135239570-693667967_giphy-4.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=527&h=bed43d907290d6823000f01f6a1fe5e1f2588141ff3a976f6fcde9e1726960ac&size=980x&c=1159833835 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F09%252F15%252F636095691135239570-693667967_giphy-4.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D527%26h%3Dbed43d907290d6823000f01f6a1fe5e1f2588141ff3a976f6fcde9e1726960ac%26size%3D980x%26c%3D1159833835%22%7D" expand=1]

Not known as a reserved person at all, Elaine always spoke her mind in the series, even when it probably wasn't the best timing. However, sometimes its better to say something than not say anything at all!

2. We can't forget the dancing.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F09%2F15%2F6360956904601535791808973078_giphy-3.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=370&h=3e733880a03739ae6445280062a52df8ceeec9f862518dbc701239e2f6253ed3&size=980x&c=825450353 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F09%252F15%252F6360956904601535791808973078_giphy-3.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D370%26h%3D3e733880a03739ae6445280062a52df8ceeec9f862518dbc701239e2f6253ed3%26size%3D980x%26c%3D825450353%22%7D" expand=1]

Being a person who never, ever dances, this is most likely the most accurate description of what my efforts would look like. If you haven't seen the show, Elaine has no idea she dances so badly and actually embraces her dancing on multiple occasions. Her free spirit is certainly something we could all learn from.

3. Her introverted tendencies.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F09%2F15%2F6360957124999909152076420950_636095703325889957-2028743531_giphy-8.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=921&h=42e01e42ad23f0e72f009ab5271d716cf7af1ec3cc6229d2bb7da1f09a68263d&size=980x&c=1924750835 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F09%252F15%252F6360957124999909152076420950_636095703325889957-2028743531_giphy-8.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D921%26h%3D42e01e42ad23f0e72f009ab5271d716cf7af1ec3cc6229d2bb7da1f09a68263d%26size%3D980x%26c%3D1924750835%22%7D" expand=1]

No matter how extroverted Elaine may seem, she's an introvert at heart. And sometimes, we all want some time away from well... people.

4. Her dating life is hilarious and sadly relatable.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F09%2F15%2F636095693655299026-1650821612_giphy-5.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=73&h=efe1148d8d9c0d01ed9bddf4cd081d02c9855dff19b0615834623be7b4be8139&size=980x&c=3161475359 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F09%252F15%252F636095693655299026-1650821612_giphy-5.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D73%26h%3Defe1148d8d9c0d01ed9bddf4cd081d02c9855dff19b0615834623be7b4be8139%26size%3D980x%26c%3D3161475359%22%7D" expand=1]

Throughout the series, Elaine is constantly dating different guys and all seem to never work out. However, each relationship comes with new and hilarious Elaine moments.

5. She was realistic but always kept a sense of humor.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F09%2F15%2F636095695274318502-52578429_giphy-6.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=383&h=d12230fbffcacd1aaacd89ecdba2772cb22e97bb60a54a1c72cf00d9e4de3fe6&size=980x&c=4003014534 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F09%252F15%252F636095695274318502-52578429_giphy-6.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D383%26h%3Dd12230fbffcacd1aaacd89ecdba2772cb22e97bb60a54a1c72cf00d9e4de3fe6%26size%3D980x%26c%3D4003014534%22%7D" expand=1]

Elaine always held a "normal" 9 to 5 job throughout the series. Being a working woman, sometimes life got rough for the character. Even through her more stressful times, she was always showing a sense of humor.

6. Her love for food is completely understandable.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F09%2F15%2F636095700738128000-661643126_giphy-7.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=691&h=54f70da3b7c8aa9b57d279b7d7dcca59ed4ea8f389101e73d57c88bd8344c9b1&size=980x&c=3710475432 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F09%252F15%252F636095700738128000-661643126_giphy-7.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D691%26h%3D54f70da3b7c8aa9b57d279b7d7dcca59ed4ea8f389101e73d57c88bd8344c9b1%26size%3D980x%26c%3D3710475432%22%7D" expand=1]

I just want a little ice cream with my chocolate syrup today.

7. Her constant entertainment in the little things.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F09%2F15%2F636095711483934556280065757_giphy-9.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=391&h=1f7a07e12f54c21c8733ef4bdcd5a5a1570f268a97703865e3789d5c668291f4&size=980x&c=118497604 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F09%252F15%252F636095711483934556280065757_giphy-9.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D391%26h%3D1f7a07e12f54c21c8733ef4bdcd5a5a1570f268a97703865e3789d5c668291f4%26size%3D980x%26c%3D118497604%22%7D" expand=1]

In the humdrum, mundane work life, Elaine always finds ways of entertainment in the simplest of ways.

8. Her love of friendship.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F09%2F15%2F636095714304699306-1666468457_giphy-10.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=452&h=c2400eda92a6fe7d5ff726eaef5539060fb0175edad9a5744216d6aad30b44cd&size=980x&c=3648556435 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F09%252F15%252F636095714304699306-1666468457_giphy-10.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D452%26h%3Dc2400eda92a6fe7d5ff726eaef5539060fb0175edad9a5744216d6aad30b44cd%26size%3D980x%26c%3D3648556435%22%7D" expand=1]

Through all of the crazy things that happen in Elaine's life, she always has her friends she can count on at the end of the day.

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