8 Thing Only Past/Present Shrewsbury High School Students Will Understand
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8 Thing Only Past/Present Shrewsbury High School Students Will Understand

We've all been through this.

8 Thing Only Past/Present Shrewsbury High School Students Will Understand

I was missing Shrewsbury High School so I thought I would write an article to reminisce about the good ol' days. I miss you, 'bury high.

1. Mr. Bazydlo's piggyback rides were highlight of day

It took a lot of time out of the day because he would insist all 1500 of us jumping on his back but it was so worth it.

2. Bathroom always sprayed with weird skunk-smelling air freshener

I don't know why they picked that air freshener it smelled gross.

3. The feeling you get when you hear the blood-curdling scream of PJ O'Connell and know it's lunchtime


4. When it's almost that time of year for Colonial man to reawaken from the commons wall and choose one child to join mural forever

We all got super sad when Francis was picked a couple years ago but his green tennis-playing body eternally plastered above the commons always brightens our day.

5. You never sit near the stairs at lunch because Flish The Nasty Troll lives under there and will feast on your napkins

We all know Flish is a naughty little troll and if you're fresh out of bury bucks to bribe him you know he'll snatch every one of your napkins.

6. When you have to go from Gym all the way to English and Toti literally just reincarnated you as a tortoise

It's horrible when you have Gym and English consecutively because you have to make such a long trek and it just makes it worst when Toti turns you into a tortoise for walking laps.

7. When Seniors laugh at Freshmen for believing in a roof pool and then Freshmen laugh at Seniors for believing in their career choices

Such a beautiful little tradition.

8. The feeling you get when you wake up and hear Dr. Sawyer on answering machine saying there's a snow day and then you wake up from that dream because that never happens and then you wake up and become aware of the blatant racism and injustices in this world

LOL we never get a snow day and discrimination against women and minorities is alive and well it's just more subtle nowadays but if you put yourself in their shoes you can see that the racism is institutionalized and the system is rigged against them.

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