8 Podcasts You Have To Check Out For Your Morning Commute
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8 Podcasts You Have To Check Out For Your Early Morning Commute

The only way I can stay awake while driving to my internship

8 Podcasts You Have To Check Out For Your Early Morning Commute

Typically, I'm a big music girl, no matter the time or place. Driving with the windows down in the car, blaring my favorite music has got to be a top ten best feeling. However, I am decidedly the worst morning person in the world and sometimes music just puts me to sleep, which is not good at 8:17 in the morning. So, I've begun to listen to more and more podcasts and these are my favorites so far.

My Favorite Murderer

I have listened to this non-stop for the past few weeks. Each episode delves into multiple murders and their stories as Karen and Georgia sit and discuss each one. People send in their own hometown murders that the two discuss as well. It's a surprisingly funny and light podcast that turns into story hour rather than a dark, depressing recounting of murders. If you are a true crime fan, this podcast is a must.

Confidently Insecure

Ex-Buzzfeed star Kelsey Darragh's new podcast is all about being 100% positive that you know nothing. She interviews different guests each week and talks about anything and everything such as the importance of your 20s and her open relationship with her boyfriend.

The Try Pod

If you're a fan of the Try Guys, check out their new podcast. The guys sit each week and tell stories and give behind the scenes secrets, as well as give advice to fan emails. They're just as funny as in their videos but all the more real and raw.


I will never stop talking about how much I love Serial. It was my first true crime podcast, following the murder of Hae Min Lee in 1999 and talks a lot about the questioned innocence of her then ex-boyfriend who has been arrested for her murder, which he claims he didn't commit. HBO just made a docu-series on the murder as well which is just as good.

Dirty John

Another crime podcast whoops. Personally, I have yet to listen to this one but it's on my list. It follows the relationship of John Meehan and Debra Newell and how he comes to psychologically manipulate her and her family.

Hannalyze This

Hannah Hart's podcast on all things mental health is equal parts interesting and compelling. It's honest and funny, and makes you feel like you're taking part in the conversation with both Hannah and her co-host, Hannah.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Each week Dax sits down with a different celebrity guest and his partner Monica. They chat for about an hour or so about whatever it is they want and that at the end Monica goes through the conversation and fact checks Dax on everything he messed up in the conversation. Kristen Bell has already been a guest twice so I am in.

This American Life

I had to listen to an episode of this podcast for a psychology class and I was hooked. Each episode focuses on something else but typically is related to current events and can be both hilarious but also tragic, depending on the theme. It makes you feel like you're actually learning something each time you listen while also remaining entertained.

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