8 Items For the Disney Adult Who Doesn’t Want to Stand Out
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8 Items For the Disney Adult Who Doesn’t Want to Stand Out

Anything without a gigantic logo slapped across the front is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

8 Items For the Disney Adult Who Doesn’t Want to Stand Out

If you're a Disney fan (or a fan of anything really), you know that merchandise can get a bit cheesy, gaudy, or downright embarrassing from time to time. Okay, no, a lot of the time, but that doesn’t mean you have to stuff your graphic tees to the back of your closest and only bring them out on rainy days when you’re stuck inside! These days, Disney’s been getting smarter, making their merchandise and clothing blend in with the trends that are currently in style. Which is great for a dedicated fan, a casual fan, or anyone who likes Disney, wants to carry a piece of it with them to school or to work or to the office, and not be singled out as a Disnerd.

So, here’s a few things you might consider adding to your Disney inventory. They definitely won’t disappoint.

1. Cinderella Passport Hold by Oh My Disney

A lovely accessory for your travels. You can’t really tell who or what this is referring to at first, but seeing as the only people who will pay the most attention to it in a crowded airport are other Disney fans, you’re pretty safe on no one noticing. Besides, if a Disney fan does notice, you two can gush about how cute it is before you run off to catch your plane.

2. Beauty and the Beast “VHS Case” Journal

Alright, this might be breaking the rule a little, but since it’s an item filled with deception and nostalgia, it counts. It’s a journal disguises to look like a VHS case of a classic Disney movie that everyone loves. You can bring it anywhere, it’s a great conversation piece and it’s useful.

P.S. They’ve got an Aladdin version and a The Lion King version too.

3. “It’s a small world” Dress

Okay, this is perfect. Might break the bank a little, but it’s perfect. It’s extraordinary. This is the perfect summer dress and it’s themed after one of original Disney theme park rides, you can’t get any Disnerd-ier than this. The best part? No one will ever know what it’s themed after unless you tell them.

4. Andy’s Room Hat by Cakeworthy

The cloud pattern of Andy’s bedroom walls, a true classic. Great for trips, amusement parks, and more, nobody will ever guess that Woody and Buzz are running around your house while you’re away. Just don’t get your head is stuck in the clouds (pun intended) or you might lose it.

5. The Lion King Text Art Pin

This does have a very famous quote from the movie on the pin, but the totally awesome setup and design of this overpowers it’s origin, so people will definitely spend more time complimenting the pin than anything else. Of course, if someone does love The Lion King, you’ll just get to learn your share something in common with a coworker or a stranger or a potential friend. Come on, this would look stunning on the lapel of a blazer.

6. Evil Queen Journal by Oh My Disney

Sleek, minimalist, and slightly sparkly. This is a better fit than Cinderella’s slippers for any busy, hardworking girl-boss entrepreneur on the go. You’ll know it’s a Disney thing, other people won’t know it’s a Disney thing, and everyone will completely agree that “Mondays Are Evil.”

7. Mickey Mouse Patch Patricia Leather Saddle Bag by Coach

Another one that might break the bank, but as Disney fans, don’t we just save up all our cash and then cry as we click “Submit Order,” anyway? Mickey is presented proudly on this purse, but it’s the perfect size for trips into the city or out on a date, and Coach makes Mickey look so cool that anyone would want this, not just Disney fans.

8. Buzz Lightyear T-Shirt for Men by Neff

This should be called “Buzz, Abstract on Cotton,” because it really looks like an abstract painting. The great thing about this shirt is that it keeps the character presence to a minimum, so the focus is on the design itself and not just Buzz. It’s the classy type of graphic tees and it’s so suave that, if you tried hard enough, you could probably pass this as an office look.

By the way, there’s an accompanying Woody T-shirt for Women, and it’s just as nice.

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