8 Things to Look Forward to in College
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Student Life

8 Things to Look Forward to in College

People say it's the best time of your life, and now you have some things to look forward to!

8 Things to Look Forward to in College

1. People are way less judgy

You can wear whatever you want to class and no one cares. If you have a break between your 8 am and the rest of your classes, some people will just roll out of bed and go to class and then go back to their room and actually try for their 10am.

2. You can call professors by their first name

In high school I didn’t even know half of my teachers first names, but in college some professors prefer their first name because either they don’t care or they want to feel like they’re on a personal basis with their students.

3. In some classes, grades are based off of only tests

This isn’t the best thing about college because in high school, you got homework and attendance and little things to cushion your grade if you failed a test. But in some college classes, all you get is four tests. Better make it work!

4. You can convince professors to change the date of a test

If you get your whole class to complain about how busy your week is to a certain professor, odds are you could get the date pushed back. Because either way, they’ll have the test in their records and they’ll just continue teaching new material until the new decided upon day.

5. You don’t get a whole extra day to finish your test if the whole class didn’t finish

In college, you may get an extra half hour to finish your test but if the whole class doesn’t finish it, then the professor will just make you turn them in as they are. So work fast my friends.

6. You get an extra day to do your homework for classes.

Most classes are Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday and Thursday so you have a day break in between. That also means that you have that extra day to do the homework you didn’t want to do the prior day.

7. You still have to turn your stuff in on the day it’s due, no matter if you were in class or not.

If something is due at noon on Wednesday, you better get your sick icky self into that office to turn in your paper and then go back to dying in your room.

8. Don’t expect to be reminded about deadlines until the day before they’re due

And sometimes even that’s pushing it. If you don’t write down the things from the syllabus then I don’t know how you get anything done on time.

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