8 Books To Read While Soaking Up The Sun
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8 Books To Read While Soaking Up The Sun

Because summer is for tanning and reading.

8 Books To Read While Soaking Up The Sun
Erin Shaw

It's summer, which means hopefully you are carving out time to spend in the sun, relaxing and catching some rays. If you're not snoozing and catching up on your sleep debt, you're probably reading. Luckily I have compiled a list of books (in no particular order) for you to tear through on your chaise lounge and towel between your sunscreen reapplications--or when you're cooped inside during a summer monsoon.

1. "We Were Liars" by E.Lockhart

This book takes place in a permanent state of summer, flashing back and forth between multi generational summers spent by an entire family on their own vacation island. The entire time you struggle along with main character, Cadence, to remember what happened during Summer fifteen. Along with other liars Mirren, Johnny and Gat, she begins to piece together what she did that summer and why nobody else will help her remember. Fans of Pretty Little Liars will tear through this book with the same vigor as they tore through that series.

2. "The Luckiest Girl Alive" by Jessica Knoll

Ani Fanellia has seemingly pieced her life back together after dealing with a traumatic high school experience. Just when you think it's been revealed what she had to rebuild from, another layer of the onion is peeled back and readers are left reeling. Fans of Gone Girl, and Girl on the Train will enjoy this novel.

3. "One of Us is Lying" by Karen M. McManus

The end of this book had me SHOOK. The entire time you're trying to pin down who is to blame for the gruesome death of a classmate, and just when you've convinced yourself you've figured it out, PLOT TWIST! If you enjoy watching episodes of Law and Order Special Victims Unit you will enjoy reading this book.

4. "Three Dark Crowns" by Kendare Blake

Fans of the selection and the hunger games will rejoice at this new "survival of the fittest" take on monarchy and the decision in who will lead. Three princesses are born as triplets and then sent off to different regions to train to kill one another. Each is given a specialty, whether it's the ability to mix poisons while remaining immune to them, the ability to control animals, or control the weather. The entire nation gets together rooting on their representative. This novel is the introductory in the series.

5. "Everything Everything" by Nicola Yoon

This is yet another book that had me SHOOK at its ending. Maddy is a "bubble baby," basically she is allergic to just about everything. She lives a completely sterile and bland life, which she doesn't necessarily mind until Ollie moves in next door. Maddy and Ollie communicate via charades, window notes, and electronically until Maddy decides she can't handle life in her box anymore, and risks it all to experience life outside.

6. "A Court of Thrones and Roses" Series by Sarah J. Maas

A new and mythical twist on Beauty and the Beast. When 19 year old Feyre kills a wolf in the woods to feed her family, his fae family comes to take her and pay her debt for his life. She is brought into the cursed Spring court and for the first time in her life Feyre isn't responsible for feeding her family, and keeping them alive. When she realizes she is the one with the tools to break the curse on her beloved court she sets out to do just that. This series explores true love, possessive love, and how seemingly healthy relationships might be something different entirely.

7. "Wh3n" by Victoria Laurie

Maddie Finn can see the death of people written clear as day on their foreheads. While many think she's a fraud, or crazy, some people also come to Maddie and pay for her to give them their death date. When one such reading goes awry Maddie finds herself entangled in a murder investigation as the prime suspect. Final Destination fans will enjoy this psychological thriller.

8. "The Program Series" by Suzanne Young

This dystopian series takes place in the future when teenage depression is viewed like a contagious disease. Those who begin to exhibit signs, are taken from their homes, and go to spend weeks in the program. The program helps them hold onto happy memories and fight this depression. But not everyone is who they seem, and not everyone has true healing as their purpose. This novel explores the intricacies in teenage emotional development, and the tendencies for adults to overlook the real issue. It's a great series for anyone who felt that "13 Reasons Why" explored important mental health themes.

I hope everyone finds plenty of time this summer to relax, catch some rays, and dive into these books. With fast paced plot lines, these page turners will take your mind off the cooking skin, the summer assignments you're neglecting and hopefully will help drown out any badly behaved children in the same sun-drenched spot as you.

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