8 Best Photo Spots in Disney's Magic Kingdom

I would like to consider myself as a Disney-addict, and I go to Disney quite often. My favorite park is Magic Kingdom because it has many photo spots and places to shoot at. Knowing the best spots and places to take pictures is a must if you are going to Disney anytime soon. Also, if you have a Disney Photo Pass make sure to ask a photographer for a magic photo, which adds a little touch of Disney magic to your pictures. Here are the top 8 photo spots in Disney's Magic Kingdom.

1. The purple wall.

The purple wall has been famous for years. It is located on the right side entrance of Tomorrowland on the right side. They recently repainted the wall, it now has triangle patterns with different shades of purple (as pictured above). If you do not like change and like the old wall, with only purple, you can walk further down and half the wall is left the same as before (pictured below). You can also try both and see which works best for you.

2. Main Street U.S.A.

Main Street U.S.A. is this street that you walk into right when you enter the park. Mainstreet is a perfect place not only for shopping and grabbing a bite to eat but it is also perfect picture opportunity. Photographers are lined up on this street all day to take pictures, you can also grab a handful of balloons and pretend you are flying away. This spot gives a lot of different pictures opportunities for the perfect Disney picture.

3. Cinderella's Castle.

If you keep walking down Main Street you will find Cinderella's Castle at the very end. This is an ideal place to grab that perfect picture with your friends. This is the iconic symbol of the Magic Kingdom park and you can not leave without a photo here.

4. The bridge in front of the Crystal Palace.

The Crystal Palace is a character buffet place. It is located left after Main Street. In front of the entrance is a bridge. It is not your typical "Disney" picture but it is definitely worth it.

5. The Flower Garden.

Between the Crystal Palace and Casey's Corner, there is a garden full of flowers. The flowers make a gorgeous background for every type of photo. The buildings around also have a historical look which will make your pictures unique.

6. Liberty Square.

Inside Liberty square there are hidden benches behind a shop, that is located across from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments. Here there are many benches and backgrounds that look absolutely stunning.

7. Liberty Square Riverboat.

Liberty Square has a riverboat that goes to Tom Sawyer Island. Right next to that, you can find great photo spots with Tom Sawyer Island in the background.

8. Repunzel's Tower.

Next to the Haunted Mansion is Rapunzel's Tower. This is a perfect picture spot. You can get lanterns and a waterfall in the background of your pictures making this spot a stunning picture opportunity.

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