70 Billie Eilish Lyrics For Any Instagram Caption
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70 Billie Eilish Lyrics For Any Instagram Caption

Queen of singing, of course.


I love Billie Eilish. She's talented, beautiful, and her songs are ALWAYS a mood. If you haven't heard of her, you definitely should look her up. She's on the rise and most certainly deserves it. I don't know about you, but I constantly have trouble picking my Instagram captions. I always just wind up using emojis and being super boring. Being that Billie's lyrics are so relatable, they're perfect for any photo you might post!

Here are 70 Billie Eilish lyrics for you to use on your next Instagram picture:

1. When you are in your sad feels: 

"Call me friend, but keep me closer." - when the party's over
"Need a place to hide, but I can't find one here." - lovely ft. Khalid
"Fall apart twice a day." - idontwannabeyouanymore
"Quiet when I'm coming home, and I'm on my own." - when the party's over
"Isn't it lovely, all alone?" - lovely ft. Khalid
"If teardrops could be bottled..." - idontwannabeyouanymore
"I'll call you when the party's over." - when the party's over
"Heart made of glass, my mind of stone." - lovely ft. Khalid
"Losing feelings, getting old." - idontwannabeyouanymore
"Let me let you go" - when the party's over
"You and I are suicidal stolen art." - bitches broken hearts
"Tore my shirt to stop you bleedin'." - when the party's over
"Was I made from a broken mold?" - idontwannabeyouanymore
"I guess being lonely fits me." - bitches broken hearts
"Help, I lost myself again." - six feet under

2. When you are feeling yourself: 

"You can pretend you don't miss me." - bitches broken hearts
"I wanna make 'em scared like I could be anywhere." - bellyache
"Wait 'til the world is mine." - you should see me in a crown
"All you wanna do is kiss me, oh what a shame I'm not there." bitches broken hearts
"My V is for Vendetta." - bellyache
"You should see me in a crown." - you should see me in a crown
"You committed, I'm your crime." - COPYCAT
"I'm gonna run this nothing town." - you should see me in a crown
"Your trigger finger's mine." - COPYCAT
"Watch me make 'em bow one by one." - you should see me in a crown
"I don't belong to anyone, but everybody knows my name." - COPYCAT
"Your silence is my favorite sound." - you should see me in a crown
"Why so sad, bunny, can't have mine?" - COPYCAT
"I'm not your baby." - you should see me in a crown
"You're italic, I'm in bold." - COPYCAT
"I'm sorry...sike." - COPYCAT

3. When you're happy:

"Wake up and smell the coffee." - come out and play
"Dreaming of a time and place." - WHEN I WAS OLDER
"You'll never know until you try it." - come out and play
"Look up, out of your window." come out and play

4. When you're crushing hard on someone: 

"I wanna be alone...alone with you, does that make sense?" - hostage
"I hope you stay." - come out and play
"You feel right, so stay a sec." - hostage
"You don't have to keep it quiet." - come out and play
"This feels right, so stay a sec." - hostage
"I've been watching you for some time." - ocean eyes
"Kiss me until I can't speak." - hostage
"Falling into your ocean eyes." - ocean eyes
"Let me crawl inside your veins." - hostage
"I've never fallen from quite this high." - ocean eyes
"Can't stop thinking of your diamond mind." - ocean eyes

5. When you're having boy/girl trouble: 

"My boy don't love me like he promised." - my boy
"You really know how to make me cry." - ocean eyes
"Don't come back, it won't end well." - six feet under
"The games you played were never fun." - bored
"If we were meant to be, we would have been by now." - watch
"You just want what you can't have." - party favor
"My boy's an ugly crier but he's such a pretty liar." - my boy
"Our love is six feet under." - six feet under
"I just want you to set me free." - bored
"I'll never let you back to put it out." - watch
"I'm not your party favor." - party favor
"You want me to be yours, well then you gotta be mine." - my boy
"Erase your touch." - six feet under
"You'd say you'd stay but then you'd run." - bored
"Your love feels so fake." - watch
"We can't change the weather." - party favor
"If you want a good girl, then goodbye." - my boy
"You're cold as a knife." - six feet under
"What makes you sure you're all I need?" - bored
"When you call my name, do you think I'll come runnin'?" - watch
"I hope you don't think that shit's fair." - bored
"Let you burn." - watch
"Can't you see that I'm getting bored?" - bored
"And when you walk out the door and leave me torn, you're teaching me to live without it." - bored

Commence Instagramming!!!

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