7 Websites To Help Cure Your Quarantine Boredom
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I am sure we have all opened up our internet browser and gone down a long and crazy rabbit trail much like one we have experienced on YouTube. Most of the time we end up entertaining ourselves through really weird or interesting games that make us waste too much time or stay up far later than we ever intended. You may find yourself in need of these websites to kill your quarantine boredom. Here is a list brought about through a very late night rabbit trail where I have no clue how it even started.

You're Getting Old!

I sat in bed one night really curious about how many days I have been alive for. After completely a simple google search, I stumbled across this website that gives you really cool facts about you regarding your age and birthday. You can figure out about how many breaths you have taken and big events that have happened in your lifetime.

A Soft Murmur

If you are looking for a website that creates the perfect sound machine to help you study or focus on anything, I have the perfect one for you. A Soft Murmur lets you set your own sounds by mixing things like thunder, rain, and fire to create the perfect background noise.


Need to kill time and test your knowledge of the great wonders of the world? GeoGuessr displays a random location in the world where you can explore using the movement arrows like the ones in Google Maps to create a guess on where you are. This is a really cool way to travel and look at other places without leaving the comfort of your own home. It isn't quite the same of course, but for now it will do and adds in a bit of competition.

Little Alchemy

This is another game I forgot existed for awhile until I once again happened to find it while surfing the web. You are given a blank canvas and only a few naturally occurring elements. It is your job to combine various elements to make something new and so on and so on. There are over 500 things to be discovered and it can help you feel an afternoon when you have no clue what else to do.

Oregon Trail

One of my favorite games from my childhood is Oregon Trail. I played that game a lot in computer class and was ecstatic when I found a link that allowed me to play it on the internet for free. Fulfill your childhood wishes and stock up the wagon and challenge yourself to make the journey to Oregon.


This website may have been something we used back in grade school but it is still just as mind-baffling when it comes to guessing who or what you are thinking about. It is just something about knowing I was thinking of Harry Styles after only asking 4 questions that makes me want to spend countless hours trying to outsmart this machine.

All you have to do is answer questions about the person, animal, or thing you are thinking of and the "Akinator" will guess what it is. I am warning you now, you will spend way too long on this website.


Radiooooo is a musical time machine that lets you click on different parts of the world and a time period and it will display the music that was trending in that area at the time. This is a great way to discover cool new music while expanding your knowledge of music history.

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