7 Ways To Keep It Together When You Feel Like Unraveling
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7 Ways To Keep It Together When You Feel Like Unraveling

Stitching up the mind one treatment at a time.

7 Ways To Keep It Together When You Feel Like Unraveling

Whether it’s because of anxiety, depression or simply a bad day, we all inevitably feel like the world is crashing around us. It’s not something to be ashamed of, but feelings left unchecked can create even worse problems for one’s mentality. Since everyone is unique and struggles for different reasons, it is up to the individual to decide which remedies personally work best.

While not nearly an entire list of all possible solutions, the following suggestions should offer some clarity or ideas for discovering your own mental health remedies.

1. Make contact.

I don’t care where you are--the moment you feel yourself barely keeping it together, you need to share the burden. Pull over on the side of the road, walk out of class or take an impromptu lunch break. Just get out of your head and connect with someone who can talk you off your psychological cliff. Whether you need to meet in person or just text back-and-forth, talk to someone who can remind you that you are strong and loved.

2. Play music.

If you’re one of those people whose soul responds to notes instead of words like me, music can be your saving grace. Just try not to overdo it on the depressing or emo songs. While they might help you feel that finally someone can relate to your feelings, often times this kind of genre just shoves you farther down your sink hole. Play one of your favorite, most empowering songs and sing along or dance out your frustrations.

3. Wash it away.

Scrub your body, and I guarantee your mind and spirit will feel refreshed as well. Whether you choose to soak the drama away or dig into all those impurities, a little cleanse goes a long way. Wash all those people and problems down the drain because they’re just weighing you down. Heck, go through your spa stash and spread on a mask to get rid of all those oily toxins and toxic situations. Open your pores and mind to a better tomorrow.

4. Make the bed.

While doing your chores probably sounds like the worst way to spend your time, especially when you feel stressed about everything else, a little busy work can help. Practicing your daily routines when you feel your worst can clear your mind in more ways than you might imagine. First, it offers you stability when nothing else does. Pull the sheets up and smooth out the wrinkles because keeping your hands occupied helps keep your mind distracted. Also, nothing looks more inviting and comforting than an already made bed.

5. Get sunshine.

Sure, the sun looks too bright and the outside world is where everyone else is. However, it’s hard to stay too depressed when you have to squint to see anything. Take a walk or just lean back and let the warmth overwhelm you. Even better, resolve to make your mood as bright as the sun. I know this solution sounds much easier than it truly is, but a little fresh air and sunshine can reinvigorate you during the darkest and coldest moments.

6. Hug your pet.

When it seems like everyone’s against you, turn to your pets and fur babies. Even though they can’t give you advice or a pep talk, often times their unwavering loyalty can be enough. Animals have an amazing ability of knowing when people just need a friend or hug, and occasionally they can be even more reliable than our human companions. As long as you get the comfort you’re craving, who cares where it’s from? Sometimes a paw is all the support you need.

7. Practice breathing exercises.

If you believe you don’t have the time, resources or even motivation for any of the other activities, turn to this basic yet proven method. Go beyond just taking a deep breath. In addition to simple inhaling and exhaling, there are different techniques that resolve your tension just through strategic and timed breathing. Alternate how long you hold your breath before breathing in and out until you feel your heart rate slow down and your shoulders relax. If you can do nothing else when you feel anxious or depressed, just breathe.

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