7 Ways To Declutter Mind And Gain Focus
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Mental Health

7 Effective Ways To Declutter Your Mind And Recenter Yourself

Whether you are super stressed or at loss for creativity, here is a step-by-step solution for you!

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Arushi Sachan

Being in the creative field of work, I have the constant pressure of coming up with creative, quality content under set deadlines. As a writer, it becomes really easy to lose inspiration and experience a block.

However, I am not the only one experiencing stuck energies- so many others I personally know constantly complain about 'wanting to take a break'. I don't blame them, for the pressure due to workload in this fast-paced corporate world is expanding more than ever before.

While everyone has their own ways to declutter their mind, I have spent the past week just researching and applying them to come up with the most effective of methods of rejuvenation for the human mind:

1. Experience wilderness

There is a reason why immersing yourself in nature gives you immense tranquility and peace of mind. Nature radiates negative ions through the effect of the natural elements like air, water, fire, and ground. They benefit your health tremendously due to the oxygen atoms being charged with an extra electron.

So if you are feeling low, taking a walk out in the wilderness or going for a hike can not only be a good break from work, but also a breather for your body and mind. I suggest going camping every weekend as it freshens the mind and is also very affordable (practically free).

Havasu Falls, AZ, 2017 By Arushi Sachan

2. Disconnect

It is hard; with a phone beeping or vibrating in your pocket every five minutes and the thought of 20 apps aching to be seen, it is a demanding job keeping up. In just one Facebook or IG scroll, or viewing all the snaps in snapchat, we subconsciously interact with so many energies, wanted or unwanted.

Since it is pretty impractical to ditch technology in a world that cannot function without it, it is very much possible and recommended to moderate its usage. For an extremist like me, I completely disconnect from all social media every now and then, because I feel mentally exhausted having to create quality content every day for a living.

a disconnect from the worldA disconnect from the world By Arushi Sachan

3. Flow

Flow, like water, does. keep something or the other that symbolizes continuity around you. It could be music, it could be a candle or even a small fountain. let the energies (or chi) flow freely so that you do not experience any negative blocks in your mind.

I suggest going to the water whenever you can; it can be a pool, a lake, a sea or an ocean. Snorkel, dive, kayak, surf, swim. take a break and feel as abundant and vast as the ocean. Live.

Kite Beach Surfing, DubaiSurfing in Kite Beach, Dubai By Arushi Sachan

4. Meditate

You have closed your eyes when you've gone to sleep. But have you closed your eyes just to go within? Yes, that's right, there is a universe within each of us that guides us through the thick and thin in our lives. Some call it soul, others, intuition or gut feeling. We are guided by it all the time, but most of us do not take the time to listen to it and strengthen it.

Meditation allows you to do just that; it is a powerful tool to help recenter yourself and focus on what's within. You could do it for five minutes or 30. You could sit in any position and let any thoughts flow or you could just think about breathing in and breathing out. The main fact is that your body recognizes the time you give to it and responds in like.

Meditating in the mountainsMeditating in the mountains, Nepal, 2018 By Arushi Sachan

5. Organize

That feeling of accomplishment after packing your suitcase or rearranging your wardrobe is birthed due to the psychological comfort of having placed something to the place where it belongs.

Organizing anything, from toiletries to food in the fridge can take the element of 'not knowing where an object is' from your mind away and in turn provide clarity of thoughts.

"disorganized space causes stress, which can amplify the stress created by work, life, personal issues, and even driving home from work." — Fulfillment Daily Article

Organizing a backpacking trip By Arushi Sachan

6. Minimize

You can organize all you want, but if you own a lot, no amount of organization is going to clear the clamped space for you. I was watching the documentary 'The Minimalism' while doing my research for a worry-free life and learned the fact that we tend to throw things away because they are out of trend and not because they are out of life. It is about face value and fashion, and the more things we buy, the more we want. The media and advertisements have trained us well.

But we need to be more cognizant about the resources we are using up and the waste we are producing so ruthlessly. Do we need everything we have? ABSOLUTELY NOT! So while you are attached to your things, I'd ask you to be more sustainable in your choices, get rid of the things you do not use, and think about the mother earth before you buy new stuff. I also think colors make a huge difference when it comes to human psychology and that the more whites and blues you have in your house, the more calm and relaxed your mind is likely to get.

Minimalistic Travels By Arushi Sachan

7. Journal

Or paint, sing, dance or scream; let go. All the pent-up energy inside of you, the stress, the happiness, or just thoughts, find a way to express them. It is a huge stress-reliever.

If you have absolutely no means of expressing your feelings, you will turn into a robot and end up depressed. It is why people go to therapists, to express. I have been able to consolidate my thoughts hugely since I started journaling. In some ways, I feel like I have learned to love myself by writing about my feelings and accepting my flaws as they are.

The world in a Journal By Arushi Sachan

I hope my suggestions are as useful to you as they were to me. But my biggest suggestion would be to take it easy and live in the moment before you lose it. More on my blog for the conscious traveler: Trot With Arushi

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