7 Types Of Road Rage

There's no feeling stronger than the love-hate relationship I have with driving. It can be freeing, yes, but other times I'd rather be running for my life from a rabid dog.

As a nanny for four kids, I have found my car slowly transforming into my new home. In fact, I think my driver's seat has a perfect imprint of my butt.

In the middle of the hot summer days with a million places to be, and children in my car baking at the same temperature as a rump roast, my road rage is always being tested.

Having spent my fair share of hours in the car, I've not only been able to get to know my own road rage levels more, but also the various other forms of road rage others experience.

1. The passive-aggressive waver

They want to come out as the "bigger person" so they smile and wave, but Lord knows under their breath they're saying every curse word in the book.

2. The finger flasher

They've got nothing to hide. They like their anger displayed loud and proud. Well, either that or they've got a boogie stuck to their middle finger and they're trying to get it off. We can't always assume the worst.

3. The two can play at this game instigator

Someone forgot to use their blinker? Well, then it's a must that I pass them, cut them off and "accidentally" forget to use mine too. Haha, whoops.

4. The honking hothead

Was that to the tune of T-Swift's "Blank Space?" Wow. That's talent, sir.

5. The stalker

Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, this one's following you to your house and I don't think he's bringing you a piece of pie. More likely a piece of his mind.

6. The one who sits on the driver seat throne of threats

Their talk is cruel and scary, but don't you worry, they won't do anything. In fact, they probably won't even think to unbuckle their seat belt.

7. The car chase movie scene wannabe stunt man

The last thing they're worried about is cars exploding and rolling over. Don't get caught in this road rager's wrath, because an encounter with this kind could very well lead to a trip to the hospital.

Just remember, no matter what irks you on the road, it isn't worth losing your head over. If we're smart, we'll remember these aren't battles worth fighting. Sometimes it's more important to just let go of that pent up road rage. Just always keep songs like "Aaron's Party" or "Who Let the Dogs Out" on an emergency playlist in order to blast if you ever find yourself slipping into a road rage frenzy.

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