College is a time to meet new friends and explore a new place. Figuring out everyone's roles in the friend group is one of the funniest and most entertaining parts of all of these new people in your life. Coming from high school, where everyone has had their set place, to college, where you and your brand new friends can barely find a place to sit in class, finding a new role in the friend group is sure to be comical. While no two friend groups are the same, there are often common roles people take.

1. The smart one who doesn't have to try

2. The one that spends all their time in the library

This friend knows all the librarians by name and can get you the hookup with renewing books.

3. The one who always sleeps through their 8 a.m. classes

You are not even sure if they would know their professor if they walked past them.

4. The involved one

Three jobs, two clubs, honor society and a 4.0. "Come to my event!" is a typical text from this friend.

5. The one with all of the the party hookups

Put your party pants on because they've got an address every night of the week.

6. The Dad

This friend always has a horrible joke to tell or thoughtful advice to give.

7. The Mom

This friend always has your back and cleans up after everyone's messes. "Everyone relax!" is their catchphrase.