7 Tips To Make Your Mornings More Enjoyable
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7 Tips To Make Your Mornings More Enjoyable

Not a morning person? Make some changes and become one!

7 Tips To Make Your Mornings More Enjoyable
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Having a rushed, stressful and overall bad morning can create a negative mood for the rest of the day. By changing up your morning routine and investing a little time into the most crucial part of the day, you can set the tone for a positive, refreshing and energy-filled day. Check out these seven tips for starting your day the right way.

1. Set your alarm early.

Getting up and starting the day a little earlier may seem tiring and extremely unappealing to anyone who doesn't consider themselves a morning person, but as long as you get to bed at a decent hour, starting the day earlier sets you up to be productive from the start. If you have somewhere to be in the morning, set your alarm 30 minutes earlier. By doing this, you avoid the rushed scramble to get out the door. Instead you can take your time going through your morning routine, spend a little quality time with yourself and get out the door stress-free.

2. Avoid the screens.

I know it's tempting to role over in bed in the morning and check your phone first thing. Instead of doing this, try to neglect this temptation and let yourself relax for a few minutes. Lay in bed, stretch and think positive thoughts instead of immediately involving yourself in the buzz of social media that will be there all day.

3. Play music.

Playing music while in the shower or as you go through your morning routine is an automatic mood booster. Don't get ready for the day in silence; play happy, upbeat tunes to set a positive mood from the start.

4. Hydrate yourself.

We don't usually think about this, but after eight hours of being asleep and going without water, our bodies are extremely dehydrated. Before eating or drinking that morning coffee, make yourself a cold glass of lemon water and drink the whole thing. This healthy and refreshing tip will hydrate your body and wake up your system to jump start your metabolism for the day.

5. Set goals.

Don't just set goals for the day, write them down. Whether it be the errands you need to get done or tentative plans to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule, actually writing down your goals for the day furthers your chances of actually accomplishing them. And there's no better feeling then checking things off your list at the end of the day.

6. Eat a good breakfast.

You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don't skip it! Plan a good breakfast the night before, one that gets you excited to wake up in the morning. When you take time to eat a well balanced meal, you are giving your body the fuel it needs to get through the morning, whereas skipping it will only lead to you feeling low-energy.

7. Plan something that makes you happy.

Have something set up for the day that makes you happy and excited when you wake up in the morning. It could be getting lunch with a friend, listening to the new playlist you made the night before or making that new recipe you've been dying to try. Waking up with something to look forward to automatically puts you in a positive mood, making it a little easier to get yourself out of bed in the morning.

Having a bad morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, so try to use your mornings to your advantage! Even if you're not morning person, you can work to make those mornings just a little bit easier. Investing a little time into your mornings can truly make for a less stressful, positive day.

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