7 Tips For The Struggling College Kid

Alright, let's be real, college is FUN, but college is also super draining (we're talking draining the bank account and the energy).

If you have caught yourself in a bit of a slump, know these 2 things...

1. It does get better.

and 2. You are not alone.

Here are a few tips for the college kid that is ridin' the struggle bus.

1. Throw the comfort zone out the window.


I know, comfort zones are cozy, we all love 'em. However, when it comes to being in college, this IS the time to step out a little (or a lot) and get to know those around you. Ask people to grab coffee and chat with them like crazy. Go to events and for the love, please leave your room. Don't trap yourself in a little cocoon, that will NOT help ya'.

2. Write it out and journal like crazy.


My guess is that if you are reading it and you are a guy, you are probably thinking "HA, emotions aren't my thing."

Well pals, lemme' tell ya, there is nothing wrong with writing things out and getting all those feels out on a page. Journaling helps you remember what you have to be thankful for and process through the tough stuff. Male or female, this stuff is good for the soul.

3. Be financially smart from the start. 


This goes for dining dollars and real-life dollars.

Be smart with your finances.

In college, it is so easy to blow a solid 50-100 bucks at your local Target.

Think about what you actually NEED, not just what is cute (this a lesson I am most definitely still learning).

If you are already racking up those student loans, it is probably time to save like crazy. However, don't be afraid to grab a cup of coffee now and then and take some day trips with your friends! Know your budget and stick to that thing.

4. Get a job, but do not overwork yourself.


Let's face it, we are all super busy.

Get a job, because you will need money. Yet, when your employer asks you if you can take extra shifts every single day, remember that you are human and have school and life as well.

5. REST when you can rest.


I know that I have personally felt guilty for resting. I love to be busy, but holy moly it will catch up to you if you don't put on the breaks every now and then.

Read, nap, and use your time wisely. Sometimes (most times) scrolling through social media for hours on end is not true rest, be wise my friends.

6. Keep things tidy.


No one loves a roommate conflict.

Keep your things in order and don't ruin your roommate's stuff. You don't need to be crazy clean, just have some general manners and tidy-ness for both your own sanity and the sanity of those you live with.

7. Don't be afraid to seek out help.


No, but seriously, all GIFs aside don't be ashamed to ask for help every now and then.

That's right pals, there is NOT a single ounce of shame in seeking out counseling.

I can promise you that your campus has some rad people who could help you when you are feeling down, lonely, or homesick.

There are people who can and will keep things confidential too, so don't fear, seek out the help that you need.


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