7 Things I Wish I Would Have Known In High School

With nearly one year of college almost under my belt, I have had time to reflect on things that I wish I would have known a year ago. It was then that I thought I had everything figured out and was doing things the correct way. Though it has taken some time, I've have made these realizations and am forever grateful for that.

1. Don't wish your years away.

There are so many precious moments you'll look back on and miss. Don't ever take the little things for granted because someday you'll wish you had those times back.

2. You don't have to wear makeup every day.

I don't necessarily know what my thought process was, but I literally wore makeup every day. I assume it was a good thing that I always made myself look somewhat presentable every day. However, that will all change, baby girl. Value sleep and your skin will thank you later.

3. Boys in high school suck.

While I don't speak for all, boys in high school just suck for the lack of a better term. They're young and immature and that's okay. Just don't waste your time on them and save yourself the heartache.

4. You're going to miss high school sports.

Oh, what I would do to run one more eighth or play one more game. Some of my favorite memories come from bus ride conversations and after game celebrations. I miss that second family like crazy.

5. Your forever friends aren't forever.

Though I still care about my friends that I had throughout high school, I don't talk to them all that much. It's sad, but life goes on and people go their separate ways.

6. You're going to miss your small town.

You always wanted to leave and move on to bigger things, however, you're going to miss that two-stoplight town. Maybe you won't miss the lack of variety of fast food options, but you'll miss the familiarity of it all.

7. The things bothering you now won't be in a year.

Whatever problem that you may be facing right now won't matter in a year. Don't sweat the small stuff.

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