Growing up in the comfort of a small town can really impact a person and the way they choose to live their life. A lot of people may be confused by our choices of entertainment, and daily habits, but to us, it's just a way of life. We fall in love with the little things in life and have a deep admiration for the scenery that surrounds us. We don't need fancy or expensive things to have a good time, give us a fire, a group of friends, and a hot summer night and we're happy. Small towners are one of a kind people that will change your views on how you look at life. We are creative, loyal, quirky people that will teach you how to genuinely enjoy the little things in life.

1. It doesn't take much to have a good time.

From bonfires to Friday night lights football games, we can find entertainment in the littlest of things. Although these small everyday events may not seem like much to the foreigners of small towns, but it’s these things that make our days lively and worthwhile. We have a deep admiration for the little things in life because we don’t have entertainment like clubs and wild bars around.

2. You know everyone in your high school.

It’s true, every cliche you heard about high schools in small towns, and all the movies you watched that portrayed this schools where everyone knows each other. You know every single person’s name, probably what part of town they live in, and who their family is. Word travels quickly in school too. If Josh and Emma just broke up in 4th period, more than half the school will know by 5th.

3. Long drives around town keep you sane.

Everyone loves a good cruise, but to small towners, this is almost an everyday ritual. The scenery is too good to just pass up on. And when you can’t find anything to do on a Tuesday afternoon, it’s easier to just hop in the car with a couple of friends, crank your favorite music and drive. Lakes, wide open fields, and broken down farm houses are on almost every corner and it’s too good of an atmosphere to not take advantage of.

4. Mischief comes naturally.

Some won’t admit, but most will. When you can’t go to the bars or clubs like those in the cities can, you find creative ways to cause a little trouble. Maybe you don’t intend to do harm doing, but you can’t help it. Taking your truck for a ride in some open field at 2 in the morning seems a lot better than sitting at home. Whoops.

5. Work isn’t always easy.

There’s not a lot of retail stores you can just hop into and work 4-10 twice a week. You have to be able to get down and dirty. From working in the fields at the nearby farms, cleaning dishes at the local country club, or following your Dad’s footsteps in plumbing, jobs can be much harder than some city work.

6. Family is right around the corner.

Down the street is your Grandmother, next door is your Aunt and Uncle, and a few streets over are your sister and her fiance. Family is typically a pretty big thing for small towners. They tend to be much more family orientated than most, and their families to come will be the same way.

7. Once a small towner, always a small towner.

Sure, when you fourteen and you’re sick of the world, you promise yourself you’re gonna leave town one day. And maybe you’ll go away to college, or maybe you won’t. But one thing is true, you know where home is, and you’ll always come back. You fell in love with the deep-rooted heritage built into your bones, and it’s something you’ll never be able to ignore.