Every year, there comes the dreaded time where you have to say goodbye to your college BFF as you head your separate ways for the summer. No one likes to do this, it makes summer vacation less exciting. Here are seven moments all long-distance college BFFs experience over the summer.

1. Leaving school at the end of the semester

Leaving your best friend isn't an easy thing to do. In fact, you never really want to leave them and you always go back for "just one more hug."

2. First week of summer

After seeing each other every day, two days apart is a struggle. You feel bored without the constant company of your best friend.

3. First half of summer when you want to talk 24/7

"OMG! So I met this cute boy and he asked me out on a date!!! What should I do? What should I wear? What if he is the one?!"

"What does he look like? Is he smart? What should does he go to?"

"Oh wait I just found his social media accounts, I'll let you know."

4. When one BFF gets busy and doesn't reply fast enough

Vacations and cool summer activities can be distracting from long-distance friendships. However, real BFFs pull through the summer annoyances.

5. When one BFF does cool stuff and the other is stuck working a crappy, part-time summer job

Trying to stay modest about cool summer activities while your BFF is stuck working 24/7. My best friend went to Spain recently, and let's be real, I hated her for it (in a jealous way of course).

6. Talking about how much you miss each other and all the things you will do next time you see each other

As summer draws to a close and the fun activities end, you think about how long it has been since you have seen your BFF. It's time to start talking about plans for the next school year, like a bucket list!

7. Reuniting again in Fall semester

This says it all. This is the reaction most best friends have as they reunite for the first time in months.