Whether its a stressful week at school, work, or just in general, everyone has needed to escape from their stress one time or another. There are some simple and quick ways to help relieve this stress but everyone's different when it comes to how they destress. Here are seven easy outlets to help relieve your stress!

1. Listen to music

Music is good for the soul. Everyone has a few favorite songs they know will calm them down and help relieve whatever stress they have that day. Listening to music can also help slow your breathing and lower your blood pressure. So grab some headphones, put your favorite playlist on repeat, and just sit back and enjoy.

2. Go for a long drive

If you need to escape quickly, hop in your car, turn up the music & just drive. Nothing makes me come down from a stressful day like a long drive by myself. You get to listen to your favorite songs and enjoy the scenery around you. Plus if it’s nice enough out, you can roll down the windows and enjoy the fresh air.

Working out is a great way to relieve any kind of stress. Exercising allows you to increase your overall health and your sense of well-being. With exercise comes pumping your endorphins up, which are natural painkillers in your brain that help alleviate stress. So get your gym shoes on and head over to the closest gym!

4. Read a book

Who doesn’t love to just sit down and curl up with a good book? Reading allows your mind to

escape your everyday life. Just six minutes of reading a day is shown to reduce your stress levels more than a lot of other outlets. It also works better and faster than other techniques by lowering your heart rate and easing the tension in your muscles.

5. Watch your favorite show/funny video(s)

Laughter is arguably the best medicine. Think of your favorite Netflix show or YouTube video and pull them up for a good laugh. Laughter also triggers the endorphins in your brain, promoting an overall sense of well-being.

6. Take a long hot shower or bath

Taking a nice long hot shower or bath immediately increases your mood. This is due to the combination of bodily comfort, isolation and warmth. Being in warm water also relieves muscle pain and helps you sleep better at night. Grab your favorite bath salts and take a nice soak to de-stress your mind and body.

7. Breathe

Deep breathing is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to relieving stress. Breathing exercises are shown to help you relax because it puts your body in a state where it feels like you are already relaxed. When you breath deeply, it sends a signal to the brain telling it to calm down and relax. Breathing exercises can be done anywhere in any moment so the next time you need a quick de-stresser just remember to breathe!