10 Signs That You're A Mr. Mom

10 Signs That You're A Mr. Mom

The one that loves you unconditionally, makes all your problems go away, and always has your best interest in heart. Basically a mom; just in dad form.

What is a "Mr. Mom" you ask? He could be a variety of things.

From a single dad, to a stay-at-home dad, and in very unfortunate cases, a widower dad. Everyone knows about the hard work of single moms. Believe me, it should not go unnoticed. However, I think we need to give some credit where credit is due. If one of these ten signs point to you or someone you know, there is a chance that a Mr. Mom is in your life.

1. Mr. Moms are paranoid of who their kids choose to hang out with

Let's be real: All parents get worried about who their children hang around at some point or another. They simply do not want their kids to get involved with the wrong crowd. Mr. Moms are extra protective of their young.

2. Mr. Moms teach life lessons that simply cannot be taught my anyone else.

Whether it's learning to pee on a wall outside of a restaurant or a tip for your next baseball game, he is always there to give some really good advice.

3. Mr. Moms rarely date

The kids could even be pushing for it. "She's good looking dad, you should totally go for it!" But, even though he says, "I really need a woman in my life," every so often, he's probably too busy with his life to squeeze in time for anything else- especially tending to the needs of a female.

4. Mr. Moms always push you to be the best that you can be.

Even when they do not agree with your actions, they will always support you and your dreams.

5. Mr. Moms often question themselves

"Am I doing anything right?" Dads will ask this. Of course, the loving children that we are will always give an uplifting, encouraging response to brighten their mood.

6. Mr. Moms go through a lot of awkward conversations

Kids say the darndest things sometimes.

7. Mr. Moms believe they are "hip" when they clearly are not

The words "cool" and "Dad" should never be put in the same sentence.

8. Mr. Moms consider pizza a fine dining experience

"Oh, the kids just love it," they'll say. But, let's be real: Dads love pizza just as much as we do.

9. Mr. Moms sometimes lose their minds

Patience is a virtue. However, sometimes they're one more spilled drink away from a mental breakdown.

10. Mr. Moms care about their kids more than anything else in the world

Because no matter what the case is, his children will always be his happily ever after.

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A Thank You To My Mom, You Are My Champion

Thank you for all the laughter, tears, anger, encouragement, and so much more.

To my mom and all of the other strong females in my life,

A hero is defined by Merriam-Webster as being a "person admired for achievements and noble qualities" among other equally nice and admirable things. You are my hero.

You lift me up when I fall. You tell me I am beautiful when I feel anything but. You teach me wrong from right. You laugh with me. You show me how to do things. You keep me in line when I fall off the path. You teach me how to be strong. Most importantly though, you have taught me how to love. You have taught me all of these things and so much more, and to write them all down would take forever.

There is nothing I can ever do to truly repay you for all of these things, but a thank you is a start.

Thank you for everything that you do. Thank you for all the laughter, tears, anger, encouragement, and so much more. Thank you for the late night talks. Thank you for teaching me about life and love. Thank you for teaching me amazing recipes. Thank you for all the crazy stories. Thank you for showing up to any and everything I ever did. Thank you for giving me the last piece of pizza, even when you wanted it. Thank you for the road trips. Thank you for the love of bad jokes and cheesy movies. Thank you for being harsh on me, even when I hated it. Thank you for teaching me the importance of respect and integrity. Thank you for loving me to the moon and back. Thank you for all of this and all of those other things I cannot write out.

You are my champion. Anyone can be a mom, an aunt, a family friend, or whatever else, but it takes someone to truly special to be good at it. There are so many things that you do not have to do, but you choose to, and that is what makes you so incredible. Every day you wake up and you choose to be that person. You have your good days and you have your bad, but we all do. Sometimes we bend and we break, but you always come back together. You are my hero, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Dawid Sobolewski on Unsplash

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5 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

Read about the five main lessons I believe every child should learn while they're young!

1. How to sew

I feel that this is such an important thing to know in a child's life because for some reason, I have always had the impression that sewing is something that is almost impossible to learn. I never learned it as a child and I really feel like I've been missing out. Having this tactic down under your belt early in life seems like a smart idea too, considering that not everyone is good at it.

2. How to change a flat tire

This is something I still have not yet learned how to do until this day. Personally, I am not very knowledgeable about cars so this too is something that would great to master as a child. Doing this enough as a youngster grows up will eventually become second nature to them! In this way, when the situation of having a flat tire rolls around, the child would be able to perform the process without any hesitation!

3. Start saving money ASAP

"The earlier you start saving, the better off you'll be" is something my father always told me as a child, so I started doing it. Instead, of stashing every little amount of money you receive from birthdays, Christmas, etc., putting a little bit to the side for savings can help exceptionally! Even just five dollars can make a difference, especially if you talk your child into doing it early. It will all add up to be something big one day!

4. Keep the germs away

I cannot emphasize how important it is to ALWAYS wash your hands. I feel like getting sick with a stomach bug or the flu is becoming more and more common throughout the nation, which is NOT a good thing at all! This next generation needs to always have this circling their brains because catching a stomach bug from someone else is not fun!

5. Yes ma'am, no sir

Proper mannerism says so much to adults when talking with a child. It shows that the child embodies self-discipline, maturity, and respect. I was raised to always finish my sentence with sir or ma'am when talking to an adult, therefore I still do it because it became something so normal for me to do. This is probably my favorite lesson for you guys to teach to your children because it will have such a positive impact on the child's life for the rest of their days and it just makes the child look like a neater individual altogether.

Each and every one of these ideas to teach your child are super important to me. Some of these things on this list are areas of skill that I have not even mastered yet myself! With the lightening paced media that is upon us, I believe that your child can take a break from it and really try to master these life lessons! I hope this list can help you or your child in some way for their or your future. Have a blessed week everyone!

Cover Image Credit: Belinda Moreno

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