10 Signs That You're A Mr. Mom

10 Signs That You're A Mr. Mom

The one that loves you unconditionally, makes all your problems go away, and always has your best interest in heart. Basically a mom; just in dad form.

What is a "Mr. Mom" you ask? He could be a variety of things.

From a single dad, to a stay-at-home dad, and in very unfortunate cases, a widower dad. Everyone knows about the hard work of single moms. Believe me, it should not go unnoticed. However, I think we need to give some credit where credit is due. If one of these ten signs point to you or someone you know, there is a chance that a Mr. Mom is in your life.

1. Mr. Moms are paranoid of who their kids choose to hang out with

Let's be real: All parents get worried about who their children hang around at some point or another. They simply do not want their kids to get involved with the wrong crowd. Mr. Moms are extra protective of their young.

2. Mr. Moms teach life lessons that simply cannot be taught my anyone else.

Whether it's learning to pee on a wall outside of a restaurant or a tip for your next baseball game, he is always there to give some really good advice.

3. Mr. Moms rarely date

The kids could even be pushing for it. "She's good looking dad, you should totally go for it!" But, even though he says, "I really need a woman in my life," every so often, he's probably too busy with his life to squeeze in time for anything else- especially tending to the needs of a female.

4. Mr. Moms always push you to be the best that you can be.

Even when they do not agree with your actions, they will always support you and your dreams.

5. Mr. Moms often question themselves

"Am I doing anything right?" Dads will ask this. Of course, the loving children that we are will always give an uplifting, encouraging response to brighten their mood.

6. Mr. Moms go through a lot of awkward conversations

Kids say the darndest things sometimes.

7. Mr. Moms believe they are "hip" when they clearly are not

The words "cool" and "Dad" should never be put in the same sentence.

8. Mr. Moms consider pizza a fine dining experience

"Oh, the kids just love it," they'll say. But, let's be real: Dads love pizza just as much as we do.

9. Mr. Moms sometimes lose their minds

Patience is a virtue. However, sometimes they're one more spilled drink away from a mental breakdown.

10. Mr. Moms care about their kids more than anything else in the world

Because no matter what the case is, his children will always be his happily ever after.

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I Didn't Know Suicide Could Effect Me, Until it hit my mother

No one knew my mom struggled with the demons that she did.


It was a Sunday morning.

I woke up early, excited to wear my new dress and new boots to church.

While painting my nails pink, and curling my hair, I thought that "today is going to be the best day ever."

My sister woke up and kicked me out of the bathroom. She had to take a shower before we left for church.

Mom and dad were downstairs. Mom was mad. They were going to drive to church separate so that my sister and I could go to Sunday School.

After getting dressed, I looked down the banister and saw that my parents were sitting in the office. Mom was writing, obviously mad.

I walked down the stairs and gave my dad a hug goodbye. I walked around the big cherry desk to give my mom a hug. She just looked at me with glass eyes.

The letter she was writing did not have letters. It was only squiggles.

She began to have trouble breathing.

Dad called out her name. Yelling. Scared. Mad.

"911 What's your emergency?"

"I don't know. It's my mom. Shes not breathing well. Her eyes are glass."

Sirens began to ring, and then stop as they entered the neighborhood. The Engine and the EMS were parked in the road.

As they examined her, my dad found an empty bottle of Xanax. Sitting next to it was an empty glass of water.

The three-month prescription had just been refilled the week before.

The Police arrived and asked for our statements.

We were then following the EMS to the hospital.

She was laying in this little bed.

In a very little room.

They couldn't pump her stomach.

She woke later, saying that we should have let her go.

"You are better off without me."

"No we're not, Mom."

The nurses were mean.

I could hear my sister screaming from down the hall. She never screamed.

We left to go home. Mom wasn't going anywhere tonight. The high was wearing off.

"Happy Birthday, Monkey."


I looked down at my new dress. My Birthday Dress.

It was ugly. It was tainted. I could never wear it again.

This is just the story of my Mom's suicide attempt. Luckily, she was not successful. I got my mom back eventually. But it took a lot of therapy, a lot of patience, and a lot of healing. No one knew my mom struggled with the demons that she did. No one, not even my Dad, knew that she was so broken inside.

Just because someone does not seem to be struggling, that does not mean that they aren't. It just means that they are so strong, they do not want to burden others with their sadness. That is unfortunately the norm. We have lost too many beautiful souls due to the fact of sadness. We need to open our mind and hearts to spread love where it is needed the most.

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Kurt Cobain
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Kate Spade
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