11 Survival Tips For Traveling With Your Parents As An Adult
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11 Survival Tips For Traveling With Your Parents As An Adult

Who knew spending six hours in a car could be so hard?

11 Survival Tips For Traveling With Your Parents As An Adult
Abigail Ridpath

Traveling with your parents. This has most likely been the norm for most of us up until we leave for college. However, once we hit this milestone, everything changes in every possible way. And yes, especially in regards to traveling. No longer do you sit in the back, huddled behind your little DVD player watching movies to make the drive go by faster. Instead, you are going on road trips with your friends, making new habits and memories and you might actually be watching the scenery for once.

Well, fast-forward and you are home for the summer and feeling as though you are stuck in that little town you grew up in. Until your parents say, "Hey let's go on this business trip/ go see your cousin graduate/ head up to the lake for the day!" Now this all seems fine and good until you need to sit in a car with just your parents for six hours! Your siblings are nowhere to be found and your fun road trips from college seem out of reach.

Here are your 11 rules for surviving a road trip with people you love but now can't stand.

1. Make a good nap playlist.

I did this on a bus trip once, and it saved my behind! I was so tired when we were driving back from Las Vegas and having a set of music that calmed me rather than amped me up was a lifesaver.

2. Remember a blanket and pillow. (If you are going in a car)

Back to that nap I tried to take earlier... It was kind of hard to get comfortable without a pillow and blanket. A.C. sounds great in theory but is terrible when you are trying to sleep.

3. Depending on what you are doing; Pack all the things.

My parents and I have gone to Vegas with 108 degree weather and then headed to Seattle the next weekend with 54 degree weather. Be prepared! This is kind of an "in general" tip but you will thank me later. I have been very happy for that swimsuit I brought to cold Seattle and that extra sweatshirt I used as a blanket on the plane.

4. Always bring your laptop.

I know that you are on vacation and supposed to be having fun with people. But, if you like to wind down watching YouTube or Netflix, you will be super annoyed when your dad commandeers the hotel T.V. remote.

5. Bring all the chargers.

On the subject of electronics, bring a car and normal phone charger and keep them with you! You never know how late you are going to be out partying with your parents. A battery pack is always a great alternative!

6. Be prepared

You would be surprised how many trips are perfectly planed out on the internet. I guess some people have a lot of time on their hands...

7. Look up the Instagram Geo-Tag

Or if you are simply looking for the perfect photo-op...

What better place to look than where you end up posting them anyways!

8. Don't argue

We all know that yelling at your dad about him eating your road-trip snack makes everything less enjoyable. If you can resist the urge to fight, it will make the trip go much smoother.

9. Make it a themed trip

It could be a throwback trip to remember being a kid (complete with remaking of family pictures) or you could base your theme around wherever you are headed (Disney for DAYS)!

10. Be down for the adventure.

One thing I've learned is that your parents are from a different generation and like different stuff. Be willing to try the things that they want and hopefully they will join you in your hunt for coffee. You never know maybe you will finally develop a love for Garden Stores.

*Here's to hoping!

11. Just be happy

It's a novel concept, but I know that I sometimes become a Debbie-Downer out of pure boredom. Choosing to be happy despite your circumstances, i.e. a shared hotel room, no "you-time" or not eating where you want. Because choosing joy can really make your trip with your parents and your whole summer a lot better in the long run.

Learn from my mistakes (yelling and being angry for no reason) and good luck. Also, remember they love you and are trying to save you from being so bored you poke out your eyeballs, so don't yell at them too much OK?

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