7 Things To Remember, Everyday
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7 Things To Remember, Everyday

Life gives us neutral truths that create balance in our lives, and we need to remember them.

7 Things To Remember, Everyday

Life can be unpredictable.

Life can make you want to live forever one moment, and the very next have you crashing and burning on your knees, begging for it all to end.

Life can bring you amazing people that stay forever and enhance your life tri-fold by bringing you new experiences and opinions. Life can also give you people that are like quicksand: constantly sucking the life out of you, forcing you to struggle to just to keep your head above the depths from which you never return.

Life also sends everyone reminders throughout the day-- a sort of neutral truth that keeps us grateful for the amazing parts, and understanding of the hard ones.

Life wants us to embrace these neutral truths. Listen to them.

1. You are important.

No matter who (or what) you are, you are important. Yes, you with the eyes, mouth, beating heart, pumping lungs, working brain. You. You are important because you are alive. Yes, some days you will feel worthless-- that the speck of dirt on the very bottom of a grimy train station track has more to live for than you do. But, that is just a fleeting moment. Come back to the neutral truth. You. Are. Oh so very. Important.

2. You are loved.

Even if you haven't talked to your parents or best friend in years, you are still loved by those that are in your life at the moment. Even if you are single, you are loved by those that see all the wonders you have to offer the world. Even if you feel 100% unloveable, you are still loved. You are loved because you are you-- you bring your own unique, beautiful thoughts and opinions and personality to the world. That is reason enough. Nevertheless, you are loved.

3. You are powerful.

You may be small now, in size or at the job, but you still hold power. You can change the world simply because you decided to. You can make waves within your company or personal life by putting mind over matter and being determined not to let it go until you are satisfied. Once you realize that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, you are unstoppable. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If people don't like or respect this, they aren't truly looking out for you. You are powerful.

4. You are smart.

No, you may not have flew by school with straight As. No, you may not be able to solve Einstein's famous E=MC ^2. No, you may not be able to fix a car just by looking at the inside. But, not one person this this planet is dumb. People's actions may be dumb, but the person that chose to do them had a reason, and that can be reflected and discussed later, but no one is dumb. What makes you smart is your ability to embrace what you are good at, and admitting that you struggle with other things. A mechanic that works with his hands is just as smart at the physicist working to create a new element. Neither can do the others work. That makes each smart. So, take those bad grades and nay-sayers, and tell them to shove it. You are smart.

5. You are talented.

You have a talent no one can take away from you. It may just be you can twist your body a funky way, or you can rap 'Slim Shady' perfectly, but it is something you can do and are proud of. There are people with raw, amazing talent that should be shared with the world (I mean look how many talent shows we have!) but it does not mean you are less talented than someone else. Your talent is something that you can do over and over again, and nail it every time. Love that part of you, be proud of it. You are talented.

6. You are beautiful and handsome.

There is more to beauty then just the outside. Some of the most attractive people are only attractive on the surface. That pimple will not diminish your beauty. Your belly rolls won't either, because that's not what I'm talking about. What makes every human beautiful is their ability to understand that, even though they may have a snaggletooth, beauty comes from within. Having a good heart is infinitely more beautiful than having the perfect booty. Granted, having the perfect booty would be great, but it is not an essential to being 'beautiful" or "handsome". You are beautiful because you are you.

7. You have a purpose.

Maybe it is to be a parent. Maybe it is to be a plumber. Maybe it is to be an activist. Maybe it is to start your own company. Whatever it is, you have one. It will show itself at the perfect time, and this neutral truth will be your guide. You have a purpose in this life, other than to breathe and eat. I promise. You have a purpose.

These neutral truths will act as your guide through life. Yes, you will have your bad days. Yes, you will forget these from time to time. And that's okay. You are not required to remember every essential little piece of life so that when you are going to your grave you can reflect.

Just always look out for life's little neutral truths, as they will appear everyday. They will always remind you of all the amazingness that makes you... you.

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