7 Reasons You Shouldn't Be A Conor McGregor Fan
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7 Reasons You Shouldn't Be A Conor McGregor Fan

The notoriously awful

7 Reasons You Shouldn't Be A Conor McGregor Fan

Unless you've been living under a rock, or have absolutely no desire to watch UFC fights (hey no judgement, the blood and leg breaks aren't pretty), you've heard of the hype machine that is Conor McGregor. But before you hop on the bandwagon that hype machine is pulling, or throw some hashtag out into the social media void showing your support of "Mr. Notorious", give some consideration int the fact that under all the boasting he's not the kind of fighter you want to be rooting for.

1.) He's Not American

Please hold the xenophobia comments and let me finish. One of the coolest things about MMA and the UFC is it's ability to bring multiple cultures together under one common umbrella, language barrier be damned. If Conor is fighting against a brazilian, or another irishman, then yeah go ahead and root for him. But when he's fighting an American, you aren't just rooting FOR Connor, you're cheering AGAINST America. You should always support your countryman. Chad Mendes said post-fight he wished Americans could be as supportive for their countrymen as some of the fans from other nations. For those of you who share my Irish roots, I see you opening your mouths to protest that you're Irish so it's patriotic for you to root for your fellow irishman (also see item #3). But no, if you're booing someone who has an American flag in their corner, you are cheering against your country.

2.) He's never defended a title

Fellow Featherweight UFC fighter and Cage Warriors alum Jim Alers recently stated in an interview with Bloody Elbow that McGregor has "Never defended any title that he's ever won". There are featherweight competitors (like currently ranked #2 Frankie Edgar) who are cooling their heels waiting for Conor to be done with the Nate Diaz conflict and defend that title, so they can have the shot at wearing the belt. Brazilian fighter Jose Aldo who gave up his long reign of champion to Conor in a shocking first round Knock Out wants a rematch, and holds the current interim belt just waiting for Conor to be done whoring it up for the crowds and ratings and fight to defend his title. Where is the hype for this rematch? Why did Conor get to demand a rematch from Nate Diaz and Aldo has to chill with the interim belt on waiting to fight the current champion?

3.) He was ungrateful to his government

For my fellow Irish Americans, Conor loves to claim his Irish roots, walk out to fight song "Foggy Dew", drape an Irish Flag across his corner and body, but after collecting welfare checks in order to support himself during his training he very publicly in a post fight interview says "I'm gonna have to tell them to f**k off". Really Conor? That's the thanks you give your country who was paying you 188 Euros a week to train and chase your dream of becoming a UFC fighter. The government who ensured you weren't starving and homeless, you tell them to f**k off? Classy.

4.) He's the Miley Cyrus of MMA

There is no denying the talent of singer and performer Miley Cyrus (similar to how there is no denying the talent and fighting ability of Conor McGregor) however that talent is usually overshadowed by some kind of tomfoolery, or attention garnering antics. Everything is for the ratings, for the attention, for the shock factor. Nobody is shocked by the nipple slip, or the middle fingers or the belt grabbing anymore. They're just annoyed you're wasting their time.

5.) He compared himself to Jesus

In the UFC 197 press conference Conor McGregor was asked who would win in a fight between him and Jesus. His response was as follows: "Me versus Jesus in the Octagon. I'll tell you what, there's not a man alive that can beat me, but Jesus ain't alive is he? I don't f*cking know. Maybe he can come back from the dead. I'd still whoop his ass." There is so much wrong with this statement I don't know where to start. Before Jesus was preforming miracles, bringing back people from the dead, and dying for our sins, he was a stonemason (him being carpenter is unlikely since most of Israel's buildings are made of stones and rocks, and it's a wood scarce country). The man moved and worked with stone for his profession. Think of his human strength, not to mention that whole son of God thing. He then went on to say "Me and Jesus are cool. I'm cool with all the Gods. Gods recognize Gods." You sir, are not a God. You don't get to call yourself a God, and you don't get to say you'd beat one in a fight...

6.) He fights people who haven't had full training camps

For those who aren't aware, leading up to fight's there is a training camp period. It's specially configured so that the fighter will reach peak physical condition and optimal weight right at the time of the fight, they focus on specific strategies involving how best to beat their upcoming opponent. These training camps last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Chad Mendes had less than two weeks of training camp leading up to his McGregor fight, and he pretty handily won the first round of that fight, imagine how it would have gone if he had been in peak fighting condition. Nate Diaz took the fight against McGregor on 10 days notice.

7.) He tapped out

For all of his posturing, and exclamations of greatness, Conor McGregor tapped out. He quit the fight. He couldn't take it anymore and he cried uncle. The man who claimed to be God-like, who boasts himself as the best fighter alive, tapped against a man who had 10 days notice to take a fight. On that same fight card Holly Holm went to sleep against opponent Meisha Tate, fighting literally till her last breath. While Conor decided he was uncomfortable and couldn't take it, and quit. You can't claim to be the best fighter in the world if you tap out. Case closed.

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