7 Reasons Why Sisters Are The Best
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7 Reasons Why Sisters Are The Best

The Best Parts Of Having A Sister

7 Reasons Why Sisters Are The Best
Cathleen Loveday

Anyone with siblings can attest that there are high and low points of this relationship. Sometimes your siblings feel like your favorite people, and sometimes they make you want to pull your hair out. With all of the greatest and worst parts of being the oldest of four sisters, here are seven reasons that sisters really are the best.

1. Sisters are your built-in best friends for life.

This is a phrase my mom said over and over while we were growing up. When we were little, this didn't make a whole lot of sense, but as we've gotten older, we've seen what it actually means. While all four of us have close friends, and probably even other people to call "best friends," no friend truly comes as close as a sister. You also never have to worry about being lonely because you always know you have someone to hang out with or talk to. Sisters also look past many more faults and insults than other friends.

2. You have access to another wardrobe.

This is such a cliché, but it's true nonetheless. Mornings that you look into your closet and sigh because you don't want to wear anything in there, you always have backup options.

3. Sisters forgive.

Sisters have a tendency to treat each other way worse than they would treat other friends because they know that no matter what, all can be forgiven. Most girls wouldn't hurl insults at their friends like they do their sisters. You can have a 10-minute screaming match with your sister at 11:00 on Monday night and bank on them letting you borrow a shirt at 6:30 on Tuesday morning.

4. You benefit from each other's strengths.

My sister who is three years younger than me, and seriously great at math, helped me with my online college algebra homework my freshman year of college when she was in the same level math during her sophomore year of high school. I'd proofread her papers in return. It's also great to have a sister who can French braid of that's a skill you've not yet mastered. Whether you need help graphing inequalities or fixing your hair, it's nice to always have someone to help you out when you're struggling.

5. They always have input on your style.

Rarely do you have to stand in the mirror for minutes upon minutes wondering if that top looks weird with those pants or if your makeup is off. You can always ask your sister how you look.

6. You can be real with each other.

You can tell them what you really think about their friends, ask for their advice and trust that they'll give you the best advice because they know you best, and you can talk to them about essentially anything. Who better to ask if you can go another day without washing your hair than your sister?

7. Sisters always have your back.

People talk about the "mama bear" instinct with mothers, but sisters have quite a protective nature as well. You always look out for each other. When someone insults your sister, you get angrier than if they insulted you. You know that no matter what's going on, your sister will take your side.

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