7 Reasons Why Hayley Williams Is Still My Favorite
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7 Reasons Why Hayley Williams Is Still My Favorite

Hayley, after all this time, I'm still into you.

7 Reasons Why Hayley Williams Is Still My Favorite

This frontwoman for Paramore is nothing short of amazing. For as long as I can remember, Hayley Williams has had my heart. Between those amazing vocals and that hair (no matter the color), I can't get enough.

1. Have you heard her sing?

I could honestly listen to her all day, and I'm not ashamed to say that I have before. I'm still a little upset that I haven't gotten to see her live yet. I'm totally fine if you want to send me tickets, Hayley.

2. Have you seen her hair?

Red, blonde, blue, yellow...you name it, she's probably had it. She's always given me serious hair envy. I blame her for being the reason I like to experiment with my hair. I'm sure I've given my mom multiple heart attacks because of it. Sorry mom, love you!

3. Speaking of hair...

She has her own hair dye line called "goodDYEyoung". According to the website, goodDYEyoung is "A voice for anyone whose rebel spirit stands out, but might not always fit in, goodDYEyoung represents a youthful community bonded by self-expressions, limitless inspiration and a flair for bold colors. Differentiated not just by the special ingredients in its products, but by its message of self-love through self-expressions, the purpose of GDY is to create an all-inclusive counter culture that inspires more creativity, more community, and most of all, more color." GDY offers five different colors to choose from as well as a "fader" so that you can mix colors together to customize your own look. The best thing about these products is that they're also vegan and cruelty free!

6. She's a part of Paramore

Hey Paramore, after all this time, I'm still into you. Even after eleven years, Paramore is still going strong. There's no official date on when the album will be coming out, but I definitely hope it's sooner rather than later! You can follow Hayley's Twitter for more information about the album and its release date.

7. She's helped me with self-confidence

If you couldn't already tell, Hayley knows who she is and what she believes in. Growing up, Hayley was one of my role models and I still look up to her today. She is unapologetically herself, and those are the best types of people. Not to mention, she gives great advice: "You are gorgeous. And honestly, whether you are super thin or bigger than most… You could lose weight, gain weight or stay the same forever and you know what wouldn’t change? Your heart. It will always be what makes you even more beautiful."

So, Hayley, thank you for being you. You rock!

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