7 Reasons Why Community College Is The Worst

7 Reasons Why Community College Is The Worst

A great deal, but you get what you pay for.


Sure, community college is a fantastic resource for those who are looking to save a little cash or are fearful of straying away from their comfortable hometown. It is an even greater resource for those who may struggle academically, where the smaller classes with more one-on-one professor instruction may be incredibly beneficial to their GPA. I myself fall under all three categories when it comes down to why I attend community college. Although I've been working repetitively and tirelessly since the age of 16, I am not willing to throw myself into years of "good debt" at a university when I can get the same education with a much cheaper price tag. I also struggle with an incredibly daunting anxiety and panic disorder, so it's beyond comfortable to know I have a home with a family to come home to each evening after a stressful and anxiety provoking day. Most of all, I blindly stumbled throughout high school. I managed to keep my grades averaging at B's and C's, instead of striving for straight A's as community college has now taught me to do. Coming from a background where studying was not my priority and where I wrestled with focusing tactics, community college was a haven for me to strive to do well, without losing precious dollars in the process. My first semester transcript is written, and I completed my first college semester with a 3.77 GPA and straight A's with the exception of one B. Community college has allowed me to succeed, even with basketball and work taking up a fat majority of my free time outside of my 9:00 am- 2:00 pm school day.

Although these are all reasonable circumstances as to why community college is an amazing tool for students, that doesn't mean the heartache of almost all friends travelling away for school at universities and colleges is any less painful. Here are 7 reasons why community college can suck.

1. When you're taking really challenging courses but you're convinced that University workloads are much more difficult based off of what everyone tells you.

Yes, it's clear to you that universities may be more time-taxing when it comes to the course work, and that scares you like hell! If you're struggling to keep your head above water now, how will you when you actually go away to school?? How will you keep up your GPA so you can get a real life job so you're not stuck at the crappy part-time one you're at now for the rest of your life??

2. All day you see Snapchat stories from friends with their new college buddies in their dorm, at the quad, in class, etc, and it fills you with jealous rage.

Campus life is not an essential part of community college. It makes you so sad when you see your friends in a new place, far from parents (and you), mixing and mingling with tons of new people. You long for that campus atmosphere where students aren't working as full-timers daily and only taking classes on the side. Anytime you see one of these snaps, Justin Bieber's "That Should Be Me" replays over and over acoustically in your brain.

3. And don't forget the steady flow of party Snapchats and videos sent to you specifically.

Community college is great because there are little-to-no distractions. However, it still hurts to see all your friends at parties having the time of their lives with awesome people at interesting places.

4. When you remember all the times your best friend said you'll always be their number one before she joined a sorority.

Let me say this, I wouldn't want my best friends missing out on any college experience because of me. It just stings a little to know that I'm not there beside them enjoying college life and making memories with the people closest to me.

5. When you're waiting for your friends to come home for break.

Holiday breaks bring a whole new meaning to "the most wonderful time of the year!" There's nobody you'd rather hang out with, and when they all come home, it's just that much more special. You love your time with them and waiting months for them seems like years.

6. And then when you have to say goodbye again.


7. It's hard to make friends at community college, even when you're an active socialite.

Most students are only concerned with working and getting the grades at community college so they can advance to a university. Everyone seems to be 100 percent focused on the future and where they'll end up, rather than where they are in the present moment. Even if you try and talk to people, most are in their own little world with their eyes on the future, not on the now.

Overall, community college isn't as bad as I'm portraying it to be. It was the right step for me, as well as millions of others. I've found purpose at my school by participating in athletics and working on the side. Although it can get tricky; remembering all your friends away and the exciting new things they're trying, it's important to remember that you were given this plan for a reason. University life is hard, it's not all fun and games. University life is a lot of sharing limited space, community bathrooms, staying at the library until 2:00 am, getting sick because of all the fresh germs, horrible quality dorm food, and RA limitations. For those of you at community college, despite the beef of this article, remember that you are well off. You have a comfortable bed in your own room to come home to each night. Your own private shower to bathe in daily without creepy crawly fungi and residence hall lurkers. You have home cooked meals and weekly/biweekly paychecks from your job. Do not take these luxuries for granted just because you can't party every weekend or stay out as late as you want with your roommate without your parents interrogating you. Enjoy the now, you'll miss it.

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