7 Reasons Why College Football Is More Fun Than The NFL
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7 Reasons Why College Football Is More Fun Than The NFL

If I had to pick, I'd rather see my school play than the very best in the business.

7 Reasons Why College Football Is More Fun Than The NFL


1. The players actually represent the team they play for.


I know you're probably thinking "duh, of course they do, but why would this make college players more special?" Well, the reason why is because college football in general actually has more representative value than the NFL. Meaning, football players who play on their college's teams actually do study and attend college with you, they are not there purely for monetary convenience; whereas NFL players are not actually from the places their professional teams represent, nor have a deep connection for the place they are playing for.

2. Higher scoring games.

Over the years, the NFL has recorded that on average each NFL team scores around 20-23 points per game, whereas the average college football game has an average score per team of roughly 28-31 points. Higher scoring games usually makes up for more exciting and entertaining games.

3. Overtime rule.

Ok, I know there have been several rule changes in the game since the beginning of the century, and I also know that they have mainly been made to make the game safer, which I totally understand; however, I think we can all agree that the implementation of those rules have come at a big cost. Nowadays, there can be ties in the NFL, which in my opinion it just feels wrong. In contrast, college football goes on until there is a clear winner and it gives a chance for both the players and their coaches to show their character and will to win the game. The LSU vs A&M game in 2018, is a prime example of what that is all about, the game went on to 7 over times with a final score of 74-72 with A&M completing a hard-fought comeback win over the Tigers.

4. Bowl season.


Due to the fact that college football enjoys the privilege of having so many excellent programs, they have the chance to have many bowls to not only solidify the top 25 rankings at the end of the season, but to also give the fans a chance to gather together and root for their team during the holiday season. There are very few things in life that are better than watching some of the best football in the country with your family during the holidays.

5. Every game matters.

Usually, if a team on the NFL loses a couple of games or even a bunch, it does not really affect the outcome of their season completely, because every team's goal is to make it to playoffs. In college football this is definitely not the case. Losing a single game can completely ruin a season. It can be the difference between making it to the college football playoff (CFP) final or one of the top 4 bowls (orange, sugar, fiesta & rose bowl).

6. Tradition.


Yet another big thing that college football has in extended abundance in comparison to the NFL is the presence of tradition. If you go to college anywhere in the United States, you know that each and every single college has multiple traditions. They all have iconic mascots, hymns, chants, bands, and colors that have made each and every college team stand out from the rest since the beginning of time. The student sections are always loud and excited no matter the rival they play, thus it almost always feels like there is an extra degree of passion and spirit.

7. Unmatched rivalries.


Yes, I know there are multiple historic rivalries in the NFL, but let's be honest here… College rivalries have been for ages much more entertaining and there's even more of them. College kids prepare every week in advance for a big rivalry by hanging up signs, making huge tailgates, and starting to trash talk their rival before they even get to their stadium. I am not by any means trying to encourage vandalous activities, however I can't deny the fact that it is so fun to show your colors to your rivals on game day. The build up for games of this caliber is huge and can definitely make the game more enjoyable once this kind of hype is present.

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