7 Reasons to see the World
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7 Reasons to see the World

The world is a great big place that needs to be seen. The world is so much bigger than the small town I grew up in and it’s even bigger than the smaller town I go to college in.

7 Reasons to see the World
Sarah Philpot

The world is a great big place that needs to be seen. The world is so much bigger than the small town I grew up in and it’s even bigger than the smaller town I go to college in. There are so many reasons to travel the world so let me just give you a few...

1. Experiencing new cultures

It’s crazy to see how other people around the world live. From the outside, it seems as though we all have a standard of living, but when you go to another country, you realize how differently people live. It’s little things, like in Paris, people dress nice regularly. You see more people in dresses and heels and suits than you do sweatpants and leggings. And in most European countries, a large glass of ice cold water isn’t something you just get at a restaurant.

2. History

The history you are surrounded by in other countries is jaw dropping. I am from the Kansas City, Missouri area and yes there is history. I am from Liberty, which is where Jesse James executed the first day light robbery, and his family farm is in Kearney a few miles away. But that is nothing compared to the Catacombs, walking through tunnels filled with bones, hearing the stories of how they all ended up there. Or going to Monet’s Garden and seeing where famous painting were inspired and produced.

3. The Beautiful Scenery and Architecture

Speaking on Monet’s Garden, let me tell you, there is rarely a dull view. The train ride there goes through field and towns of stone homes. And Brugge in Belgium, the cobblestone streets and extravagant churches.

4. Knowledge

You gain knowledge, you learn new things, you become wise and cultured, worldly.

5. Learning Experience

Now this is different from knowledge, because you gain absorb new knowledge and remember things, but seeing the world helps you learn. You obtain new skills from how other cultures operate.

6. Happiness

According to the Huffington Post, traveling makes your more self-confident, breaks routine, allows you to make memories and meet new people, which makes you a happier person. Think about it, could you ever be unhappy about sitting under the Eiffel tower in Paris looking around at all the twinkle lights, or in the Grand Palace eating a waffle in Brussels staring up at the night sky, or sitting along the canal in Amsterdam in the rain.

7. Stories to tell you kids, grandkids, etc

Sometimes they might not appreciate your stories, but when you they are older, they’ll appreciate every piece of advice, every experience you have to offer. I wish my grandpa told me more stories about his travels, and I love the stories my parents have.

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