7 Extremely Good Reasons To Donate Blood

People have opportunities to give blood all the time and they don't even realize it. For starters, you can just go to RedCross.org and make an appointment for the next blood drive near you. They have lists on top of lists, and they visit hundreds of locations. I live in a small town just outside of Columbus, Ohio. The population is near 9,000 people, and they even have blood drives there.

1. It really doesn't hurt.

Honestly, it hurts way less than stubbing your toe on the end of your bed frame AND hitting your ankle on a razor scooter. It feels kinda like a toddler pinching you for 3-4 seconds, if that makes any sense.

2. They give you (free) snacks afterwards.

Most of the time, they have a plethora of snacks. Cheez-its, cookies, apple juice, orange juice, fruit snacks... you name it, they probably have it.

3. They (the employees) don't treat you like just another person. 

Everyone has a story, and I've heard my fair share of Red Cross stories! When they take your blood, they are careful. When you're laying in the chair and giving your donation, they often ask you how you are feeling and if you are OK. I know, this is procedure and it's something they have to do. But they truly take good care of the donors.

4. You feel good afterwards. 

I'm not talking physically good, but mentally good. You think about all the lives you are saving and how much good you could have just done for someone. If there weren't blood donors, hundreds more people would die a day.

5. You can track what cause your blood goes to. 

This is especially cool. If you download the Red Cross app on your phone, you can see what they do with your blood and what good it makes in the world.

6. It can be, sort of, a bucket list thing. 

If donating (often) isn't a goal of yours — or at least a one-time bucket list thing — it should be! It doesn't do any bad to you, just takes up a few minutes of your day. Then, it's just another thing to feel mentally positive about. It feels good to check things off your bucket list or achieve goals.

7. You get to learn what your blood type is

When I first donated blood, I found out I was O-. Having that blood type means you can donate to anyone with any blood type! It's often used for trauma victims and people that are in serious need of immediate blood transfusions. How cool is that?

Donating blood could save a life. If you have just 20 minutes of time and some spare blood (which, I assure you, you have) check out Redcross.org and donate! Imagine 20 minutes of your life saving 50 years of someone else's.

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