7 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Rules Music
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7 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Rules Music

The 7 Things Her Critics Haven't Noticed

7 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Rules Music

From her underground career as the woman with the million dollar mix tape to having multi-platinum hits, Nicki Minaj is one of the most influential artists of all time. While many would scoff at any article that claimed that she rules music, here are some reasons that may change some minds.

1. She Kills it at Every Genre

Maybe you might not like rap Nicki with hits like "Only" and "Shanghai" but maybe you like pop Nicki with hits like "Super Bass" or EDM Nicki with hits like "Whip it" or R&B Nicki and the list goes on. Her songs not only encompass a variety of genres but she transcends traditional musical styles as she can go from hip-hop to pop in one track.

2. She's a Feminist Icon

Not only is she a prominent women in the male-dominated hip-hop industry, but she has also been an advocate for female rights even outside the world of music. At her concerts, she gives speeches to her female fans that empower them to be independent and not in need of many man.

She always points out the sexism in the music industry and how she goes about fighting against it on a daily basis. So many women look up to her and have used her as an inspiration to fight for their own equality in our patriarchal society.

3. Her lyrics are well thought out

One of the biggest critiques of Minaj is that she is always rapping with unintelligible lyrics that are usually provocative. However, this statement is only half-true. Her songs are filled with puns and other plays on words and references that, while at times provocative, make her lyrically superior to most other rappers.

People are so quick to look past her well thought out rap poetry either because they can't comprehend its significance or because they have only probably heard one or two of her singles and already made their decision about her. Nevertheless, anyone who has taken the time to really listen to a plethora of her songs can attest to her artistry.

4. She has songs for every emotion

While Adele can make people cry and Maroon 5 is good for any roadtrip, Nicki Minaj literally has a song for every emotion and situation. She has sad songs for when you're sad, she has inspiring songs for when you need some motivation, she has fun songs for when you just need some joy, and lots of ratchet songs for when you just need to let that part out of you as well.

She is one of the few artists that on one album can go from talking about her cousin being murdered to her large butt. This variety makes her a one stop trip for any of your musical needs.

5. She does Killer-Collabs

Not only is it evident to her fans that Nicki Minaj is a musical superpower but it has become evident to others in the music industry who pay massive sums of cash to have her feature on their songs. She has worked with so many people from Rihanna, to Madonna to Drake to even European pop-stars. Not to mention the fact that every time she collaborates with Beyonce, they literally stop the world.

6. She has multiple talents

Even when Nicki isn't making headlines for her music, she has embarked on an exciting acting career in movies such as "The Other Women" . She was even a voice-actor on an episode of "Steven Universe", in addition, Minaj also has a sitcom coming out about her life in which she will play another acting role. Beyond acting, Nicki Minaj has proved her worth as a colorful host and TV personality as she hosted the European MTV awards show and was a judge on American Idol. With all these achievements already under her belt, what can't Nicki do ?

7. She isn't afraid to speak up

Nicki Minaj like any other successful person has had her fair share of enemies and people who cross her one way or another. What makes her remarkable is her ability to stand up for herself and show the world that nobody messes with Nicki Minaj. From mentioning her enemies in diss tracks to bringing them up in her award acceptance speeches, there's a lot to learn about someone unafraid to speak up when she is treated unfairly.

Overall, even though she has thousand of detractors, Nicki Minaj will go down in music history for all that she has done for the industry and for women and men alike in her career. Long live Nicki Minaj!

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