Get to Know Bianca Landrau: The Talented Bia
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The Junot Díaz Of Rap: Bia

This makes her seem like the Junot Díaz of rap. Her switching between English and Spanish is seamless and refreshing in rap.

Bianca Landrau Bia

Bianca Landrau, or Bia, is a rapper from Boston, Massachusetts. This emcee graduated from Medford High School, but calls many places home. She starred on season one of Sisterhood of Hip Hop produced by Oxygen and released August 12, 2014. This show depicts the live of women in the male dominated industry of Hip Hop (or rap) and music in general. Also, she is signed with Pharrell William’s “i Am Other” label. A label that is proud to be different and of its differences. By having pillars set up in different fields such as music, television, apparel, tech and more.

At the age 14, she was hanging out with battle raps ( who are now famous) from Boston and used this as a building block for her music. She is inspiring- both musically and not- because she made her own name. Paving her path to success by herself. Being tough with solid morals. She is always trying to not only help but empower women. Through unity and speaking on life, changes and the struggle of womanhood. Instead of dividing women, she wants to unite them like her Sisterhood of HipHop sisters. Her main goal is to inspire people- mainly girls- to chase and achieve their goals.

She fell in love with Nas’ “One Mic” released in 2001. This song earned Nas both MTV and Grammy nominations. Along with the heart of a young Bianca Landrau. The song playing loudly on a boom box spoke volumes to her. Debuting her career when she was 18 years old. She released her own freestyle and remixed songs on YouTube- like many new up-and-coming musicians. This lead to Pharrell William noticing her- along with the help of the manager, Famlay (or Fam). Perico Princess (another of Bianca Landrau’s names) has a way with rapping. This makes her seem like the Junot Díaz of rap. Her switching between English and Spanish is seamless and refreshing in rap. Not many artist switch between languages much less rhyming and place it in a song so that it flows well. Bia does this in most- if not all of- her songs.

Her hard work ethic and thoughts of a higher purpose show through her lyrics.

But what makes Bia different?

In an interview with Oxygen she said, “Me not having to explain what makes me different.” The explanation is not important to her or labeling herself. She is an emcee who needs no explanation with a vibe you can feel in seconds. Or is it her drive? A saying she lives by from Pharrell is: "If you focus on yourself, you will get to where you need to go.” Maybe, that is it. She is not comfortable about where she is. She wants to keep moving. Trying to be the best she can be.

But I think it is really unity attitude she does not try to divide groups; whether it is men, women, different age groups or ethnicity. Either way she is an amazing artist with a great vibe.

Check out her video on YouTube:

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